2021-22 Projects

American Express

Title: DrivePay

Team Name: Easy Money

Coach: Edward Latorre-Navarro


Title: Software Focused Smart Multimeter Leveraging Computer Vision

Team Name: MultiVision

Coach: Joseph Wilson


Title: Fanatics Innovation

Team Name: Gearware

Coach: Catia Silva

Florida Power & Light

Title: Robotic Dog with Arm for Underground FPL Equipment

Team Name: Addtronics

Coach: Karl Gugel

Freedom Scientific

Title: An Intelligent Recommender System for Blind Screen Reader Users

Team Name: Key-saurus

Coach: Idalis Villanueva

Laboratory for Dynamic Response of Advanced Materials

Title: Design of Compact Stress Wave Guide

Team Name: Gator Waves

Coach: Hans van Oostrom

Newell Brands

Title: Specialty Beverage Maker

Team Name: SimpliciTea

Coach: Philip Jackson

Northrop Grumman

Title: Tag Something Small

Team Name: Marine Animal TrackeR

Coach: Eric Schwartz


Title: Viticultural Risk Report Service

Team Name: Grape Expectations

Coach: Andrea Goncher


Title: Capture the Flag Tool (Hacker Jeopardy) – Phase 2

Team Name: Double Jeopardy

Coach: Cheryl Resch


Title: Secure Web Portal Modernization

Team Name: Securix

Coach: Ann Ramirez