IPPD Alumni

The IPPD Legacy

Over the past 25 years more than 3,000 graduates have participated in the UF IPPD program. The program has produced over 500 projects, some of which you can even buy today. Our students have gone on to receive job offers based on their experience and participation in the IPPD program.

If you are an IPPD alumni, we would love to hear from you! Email us at: program@ippd.ufl.edu

Stay Involved

We hope your experience in IPPD helped give you an edge in your career. How about helping us give this opportunity to more graduating seniors? Here are some ways you can help:

• Identify projects within your company that would be suitable for IPPD

• Spread the word within your company and professional network about IPPD

• Become a liaison engineer for your company’s project

• Find opportunities within your company for donations to support the IPPD Program

• Come back and give a guest seminar on a favorite topic. Such as: project management, concept generation, product architecture, project planning, building a business case, design of experiments, professional communications, etc.

• Email us a quick “What I learned from IPPD” that we could use to encourage our IPPD students.

Stay Engaged

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