2020-2021 Faculty Coaches

Ashish Aggarwal

M.S.– University of Florida

Aggarwal specializes in computer science educational research and human centered computing. As a faculty member he focuses on research and improvement of computer science education in engineering students.

Saira Anwar

Ph.D.– Purdue University

Dr. Anwar is passionate about research and teaching. For her research, she is particularly interested in designing interventions that help develop students’ understanding of conceptually hard concepts in STEM courses. 

Andrea Goncher

Ph.D.– Virginia Tech

Dr. Goncher’s teaching areas are in human-centered design and systems engineering. Her research interests include engineering education and text analytics.

Karl Gugel

Ph.D.– University of Florida

Dr. Gugel’s expertise is in signals and systems. His research interests include low power microcontrollers and DSPs.

Philip Jackson

Ph.D.– University of Florida

Dr. Jackson’s research interests include numerical applications to heat transfer, fluid mechanics, magnetohydrodynamics, and facilitating undergraduate students to engage in similar projects. He is also interested in game-based learning systems and adaptive learning systems and their effect on student motivation.

Edward Latorre-Navarro

Ph.D.– University of Florida

Dr. Latorre-Navarro is the Director of IPPD. During his doctoral studies, he was a member of the Computational NeuroEngineering Lab Hybrid Group under Dr. John G. Harris, where he worked on speech and natural language processing. 

Richard Newman

Ph.D.– University of Rochester

Dr. Newman’s research concerns cloud computing, information security and networks. His interests include modeling, simulation, congestion control, multipath routing, error control and powerline communications. 

Jorg Peters

Ph.D.– University of Wisconsin

Dr. Peters’ research interests include modeling and computing with geometry: computer graphics, geometric design, numerical computations and surgery simulation.

Ann Ramirez

Ph.D.– University of California- Riverside

Dr. Ramirez’s area of expertise is in computer engineering. Her research interests include low-power design, reconfigurable computing, platform design, dynamic optimizations, hardware design, and real-time systems.

Kurt Schulze

Ph.D.– University of Florida

Dr. Schulze’s teaching interests include HVAC systems and energy management.

Allen Turner

Ph.D.– Purdue University

Dr. Turner’s area of expertise is in electromagnetic and energy systems. His research interests include lightning, atmospheric electricity, and lightning protection.

Hans van Oostrom

Ph.D.– Eindhoven University of Technology

Dr. van Oostrom created the Institute for Excellence in Engineering Education which formed the basis of the Department of Engineering Education. He is passionate about teaching and students. His research interests are digital literacy education and precision learning.