Past Projects

TitleCoachSponsorTeamProgram Year
Utilize Invivo supplied building blocks to demonstrate the transmission of low resolution video over a wireless link for use in an MRI setting. Gijs BosmanInvivo CorporationMRI Entertainment Design Solutions2009/2010
N/ACarl CraneHarris Corp.Mole-men2009/2010
Create handheld biosensor prototypes to commercialize newly patented bio-antigen GaN-based sensors. (Used to analyze critical environmental and biological gases and liquids for medical and pathogen detection applications.)Bill EisenstadtIntegrated Technology VenturesTeam ITVBIDS2009/2010
Design and construct a laser ablation system to measure sand and phosphate composition using lab-proven technology.Oscar CrisalleMosaic FertilizerPhos-Phinders2009/2010
Design and construct a high-power, low-temperature solid oxide fuel cell for use as a portable power source.Oscar CrisalleIntegrated Technology VenturesiFuel Power Systems2009/2010
General Dynamics manufactures pipe couplings for the oil and gas industry. Backward extrusion forging and multi-axis machining are frequently used. However, significant cost savings are needed by more accurately producing forged products. Gerhard FuchsGeneral DynamicsGator Pipe Works2009/2010
Design a state of art communication device with a multi-touch human/machine interface (HMI) display input & control with specific application to secure telephony. A prototype will demonstrate multi-touch gestures and a unique human/machine interface.Karl GugelRaytheon ComanyThe Untouchables2009/2010
Using state of art IT, web, and database technologies, design and implement a web-based, off-line claims system that will: increase productivity of field claims adjusters, increase speed & accuracy of data gathering, and speed up process of closing claimsHerman LamTower Hill Insurance Group, Inc. Insync Communications2009/2010
Develop a portable vibration monitoring system to measure vibration levels on rotating parts in large-scale power generation systems.David MikolaitisSiemens Energy, Inc.Prevent Defense2009/2010
Reduce carbon footprint of manufacturing processes and improve recyclability of products. Perform Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), recommend sustainable production processes, fabricate and demonstrate a prototype produced from sustainable materials.Keith StanfillJarden Consumer SolutionJarden's Garden2009/2010
Progress Energy has capacity 21 million kwh! FGD is used to remove SO2 from combustion exhaust gases. The FGD wastewater may contain heavy metals and our job is to design and demonstrate a method to remove the metals.Spyros SvoronosProgress Energy Florida, Inc. Crystal Clear2009/2010
Mosaic Fertilizer is the world's leading producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients. We’ll design methods to prevent degradation of important granular products.Spyros SvoronosMosaic FertilizerMosainiacs2009/2010
A functional system for collecting, storing and accessing Value Stream performance data with the associated reporting tools for engineers and managers which will be tested and piloted in the Capital Equipment Value Stream.Suleyman TufekciMedtronic XomedGatortronic2009/2010
Golden State Foods is a $3+ Billion sales company and a primary supplier to McDonalds Corp. GSF wants to improve detection and prevention of serum leakers in liquid flexible packages.Bruce WeltGolden State FoodsG-PAK2009/2010
Use Google's Wave technology to port and expand the application developed under last year's IPPD project (a customer-facing location-aware mobile device application designed to enhance park guest experience). Joseph WilsonWalt DisneyWave Tech Group2009/2010
Design and develop an NFL Game Day Companion application for the iPhone or the iPod Touch. The application would engage and interest NFL fans with real-time NFL game information, and social network connectivity.Manuel BermudezElectronic ArtsiGeaks2009/2010
N/ALoc Vu QuocLockheed MartinFireFly2009/2010
Develop methods for fabricating and deploying extremely lightweight low frequency (UHF to L-Band) waveguide for satellite systems. Henry ZmudaHarris Corp.Gator Galaxy2009/2010
Develop an automated, vision-based tool wear monitoring system. Multidisciplinary effort with extensive collaboration with General Dynamics engineers and researchers at the University of Central Florida. Students will design, build, and test prototypes.Timothy DalrympleGeneral DynamicsTool Watchers2009/2010
design and develop (from scratch) a comprehensive, integrated, web-based software system that will track the use of labor, material and equipment for Alachua County.Serdar KirliAlachua County Public WorksAlachua County Database Concepts2009/2010
Determine and design a cost-effective solution to aid St. Augustine’s low pressure reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plant process issues.David MazyckCity of AugustineCEM22009/2010
Design a pavement/landscape system for a new cement manufacturing facility of Vulcan Materials Co. Involves pavement design for drainage and heavy load, green landscape design, and cost optimization. Construction drawings will be generated.Bin GaoBear Site Engineering2009/2010
Develop a system which will detect lathe machining conditions and adjust cutting feeds and/or speeds to improve productivity and reduce tool wear. Encompasses machine tools, metal-cutting processes, sensors, controls, and software development. John SchuellerGeneral DynamicsGator Dynamics2009/2010
Design a software and hardware test suite for MyDAQ. MyDAQ will be a strategic product for NI, as it will allow students to experience hands-on learning with an NI measurement device and LabVIEW software.Eric SchwartzNational InstrumentsDAQ PAQ2009/2010
. Armorit is working to expand their product line to include an intelligent turn signal control unit that will utilize wheel speed sensor data and a set of algorithms to govern the turn signal indicators once one has been activated. Bill EisenstadtArmorit2010/2011
Flexible packaging is sustainable and versatile. Sealing complex flexible packaging is challenging with traditional technology. Kraft seeks new and better ways to seal packaging.Bruce WeltKraft Foods, Inc.JAWS2010/2011
NACarl CraneInduMarNoHtwoO2010/2011
Develop a portable wind speed monitoring system to measure the flow near the inlet of the air cooled condenser.David MikolaitisSiemens Energy, Inc.ZephyrPro Tech2010/2011
Design and build a low cost remote control & remote sensing package to modify an ATV for area investigation. Develop a camera-equipped ATV to be used by law enforcement to investigate suspicious buildings, areas, packages, etc. from a remote locationEric SchwartzLockheed Martinadrs2010/2011
This project will extend the use of improved forging materials (including punch tips, die liners, etc) throughout the GD forging facilities. Will work with GD and the materials processing vendors to facilitate producing a variety of forging tooling Gerhard FuchsGeneral DynamicsM3E Engineering2010/2011
• Assist Invivo with their MRI coils (very sensitive antennas that receive/amplify weak MRI signals from the body). Develop a low loss tuner network for noise calibration and design a mechanical enclosure that shields the experiment from external noiseGijs BosmanInvivo CorporationPrecision Designs2010/2011
Harris needs to monitor and optimize transmitter performance using EM field sensors. We’ll determine the best methods to monitor EM fields in an underground environment with size and temp constraints. Design and prototype these sensors.Henry ZmudaHarris Corp.Mole-men2010/2011
GD-OTS manufactures military ordnance and oil field pipe joints using lathes to machine forgings. This IPPD project will design, develop, and implement a working prototype of vision image processing and tool wear optimization.John SchuellerGeneral DynamicsTool Busters2010/2011
Design and implement a system that provides an interactive Guest information system built into the tabletop at a food & beverage restaurant location and supports theme park information, menu info, and personal guest info (photopass, fastpass)Joseph WilsonWalt DisneyDreamTable2010/2011
The INMARSAT satellite system provides a means to provide a wireless backhaul communications infrastructure. This project will be to design, develop, and build a prototype INMARSAT based travel suitcase Keith StanfillRaytheon ComanyOghma Engineering2010/2011
Tongue suspension is used to treat airway blockage in OSA patients by inserting a new-concept, small device anchored to the jaw bone and the tongue. Design and build an apparatus to test the durability life of OSA device in an accelerated manner.Loc Vu QuocMedtronic XomedPaxsomnia2010/2011
Create software and data tools to recognize and use construction items from different agencies, which have different identification codes and descriptions, but represent essentially the same item. Manuel BermudezInfo Tech, Inc.Onyx Intelligence2010/2011
Design and construct a prototype of a solid-state sensor to control carbon emission and other pollutantsOscar CrisalleIntegrated Technology VenturesAdvanced Emission Sensors2010/2011
Design, construct and install a prototype sensor to predict the onset of phosphate ore clogging in transport pipesOscar CrisalleMosaic FertilizerWave Sense2010/2011
Progress Energy has a capacity of 21 million kwh! FGD is used to remove SO2 from combustion exhaust gases. The FGD wastewater may contain heavy metals and our job is to design and demonstrate a method for removing the metals.Spyros SvoronosProgress Energy Florida, Inc. eE%liminatION2010/2011
Mosaic Fertilizer is the world’s leading producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients. Our task is to quantify the differences between the design and/or operations of their 7 crystallization reactors.Spyros SvoronosMosaic FertilizerNARACE2010/2011
Develop a set of meta heuristic scheduling algorithms to create a unique customized machine scheduling system for the GD Red Lion, PA facility.Suleyman TufekciGeneral DynamicsSPARTAN2010/2011
Measure the temperature profile of a 20 foot diameter exhaust stack of a combined cycle gas turbine. The device is to be portable and fit into regular airplane luggage and can be quickly and effectively installed at site into any stackTimothy MiddelkoopSiemens Energy, Inc.Proteus2010/2011
Reduce variability of General Dynamics’ large volume of parts created from forged steel and machined on multi-axis lathes. Develop a robust mechanical system for repeatable and accurate digital microscope positioning.Timothy DalrympleGeneral DynamicsVision Precision2010/2011
NAWenhsing WuIntegrated Technology VenturesWhite Space Junkies2010/2011
Invivo designs and builds equipment for the MRI market. We plan to economically select the lowest loss electronic components for coil construction. Develop an ultra low loss cavity style resonator using copper transmission lines with air dielectric.Gijs BosmanInvivo CorporationLow Loss Solutions2011/2012
To develop and test a concept for instrumentation that provides reliable rig navigation and positioning. Develop a positioning algorithm for a Surface Drill rig that can be incorporated into the equipment control system.Carl CraneSandvik MiningSuperior Drilling2011/2012
Create handheld GaN Hydrogen sensor prototypes to commercialize newly patented bio-antigen GaNbased sensors. GaN Hydrogen sensors can be used to monitor dangerous accumulations of Hydrogen in closed spaces for safety purposes. Bill EisenstadtIntegrated Technology VenturesHy Tech Sensors2011/2012
Develop home video monitoring hardware prototypes that communicate to Nielson Co. The home video meters will use embedded audio code detection and signature generation and matching through microphones to report real time video watching to Nielsen. Bill EisenstadtNielsennLog2011/2012
Design, install and test a prototype sensor to measure particles in a fuel stream feeding a gas turbine. Oscar CrisalleSiemens Energy, Inc.P.A.L.S.2011/2012
Modify materials and processes to ensure successful removal of moisture from gypsum products. Oscar CrisalleProgress Energy Florida, Inc. R.G.I.2011/2012
In the nuclear power plants operated by Exelon, forced air ventilation provides crucial cooling for various plant systems. We would like to develop a robust system to monitor the overall health of the Hydramotor in a real-time manner. Karl GugelExelonHydratek2011/2012
Build-up of airborne particles and aerosols on the inlet guide vanes of gas turbines for power production can lead to significant losses in performance. An automatic sensing system is desired to monitor particulate build-up on the inlet guide vanes. David MikolaitisSiemens Energy, Inc.Vaneguard2011/2012
Mosaic Fertilizer is the world’s leading producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients. Develop a model to predict process performance of the reactor/filter system for the phosphoric acid production process.Spyros SvoronosMosaic FertilizerHigh Performance Optimizers2011/2012
APM is a leading manufacturer of nylon for carpets and plastic products. Their liquid stream contains catalyst which is reclaimed using an Ion Exchange system. We want to improve the removal of catalyst to improve its value as a by-product.Spyros SvoronosAscend Performance Materials (APM)Ion Removal2011/2012
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a globally accepted metric for measuring effectiveness of manufacturing machinery. We’ll focus on improving setup/changeover processes, improve quality and speed rates of vital equipment.Suleyman TufekciGeneral DynamicsLean Machines2011/2012
We’ll build off of the object-oriented decision support system created last year. The extended software will leverage meta heuristic scheduling algorithms, an integrated database, and a web-based GUI to include material availability and other constraints.Suleyman TufekciGeneral DynamicsMST^22011/2012
Mosaic Fertilizer operates 7 crystallization reactors that have significant differences in design and yield different capacity and recovery. Our task is to develop supply chain traceability for bulk granular products using RFID technology.Bruce WeltMosaic FertilizerMoTrace2011/2012
Evaluate Eigenfaces’ mathematical model for guest facial recognition. Prototype facial recognition ID for theme park entrance and enhance guest experience using facial recognition throughout the theme park in a variety of indoor/outdoor settings.Joseph WilsonWalt DisneyEigenmouse2011/2012
Develop an air filtration system to disinfect the airborne pathogens using UF's patented flash infrared (lR) radiation disinfection technology.Wenhsing WuIntegrated Technology VenturesTeam Aether2011/2012
Develop an Android cell phone-based daily construction inspection report application. It should enable recording of daily construction progress, events, contractor work force, and conditions. Manuel BermudezInfo Tech, Inc.root: 662011/2012
Wirelessly measure the temperature of high current and high voltage devices to detect faults in real-time. This low-cost passive device is attached to active power systems and must survive faults and withstand harsh industrial environments.Timothy MiddelkoopSiemens Energy, Inc.Temperature Sensing Solutions2011/2012
Deployable space structures have releasable launch restraints that hold the structures in a rigid position during the ascent. Explore other design options for release of structural interfaces and develop a non-explosive restraint release device.Loc Vu QuocHarris Corp.S.E.V.E.N.2011/2012
Invivo wants to increase ECG functionality to detect if an electrode is present and to measure the quality of the electrode-tissue interface. We’ll design a circuit that can measure the interface impedance without injecting a current into the patient.Henry ZmudaInvivo CorporationHeartWare2011/2012
GD-OTS manufactures military ordnance and oil field pipe joints, but its extensive manufacturing capabilities are underutilized due to fewer government and commercial orders. We’ll Identify emerging opportunities in divergent commercial.Timothy DalrympleGeneral DynamicsCreative Engineering Innovations2011/2012
Design and implementation of a user friendly, customizable and robust decision support tool for revenue enhancement. Main goal is to identify various billing errors (unbilled customers, wrong rate classification, etc.) based on consumption patterns.Serdar KirliGRUUtilisense2011/2012
Design and build a low cost ATV for area investigation that has both remote-controlled and autonomous modes. Develop a camera-equipped ATV to be used by law enforcement to investigate suspicious buildings, areas, packages, etc. from a remote location.Eric SchwartzLockheed MartinTravler2011/2012
Design and build a low cost remotely controlled vehicle that can maneuver in open air and video back to a base station. Must have an autonomous mode, run independently to designated GPS coordinates, and relay GPS data (altitude, power status, etc.)Eric SchwartzLockheed MartinALLIcopter2012/2013
The PAYMEDIA system delivers up-to-date media to customers while they refuel their vehicles. Develop, prototype and test a cost-effective audio solution for fuel dispensing PAYMEDIA systems that works in a variety of noise levels and weather conditions David MikolaitisVerifoneAudio Delivery Solutions2012/2013
Design, develop, and prototype an orthopedic implant (e.g. bone plate, bone screw, or facial implant) using UF’s patented degradable metallic biomaterial based on magnesium (UF #13398).Jim SchumacherIntegrated Technology VenturesBioilluminatus Technolgoy2012/2013
Oxysense specializes in non-destructive, fluorescence based package testing. Oxysense is a commercial licensee of UF based permeation technology. Specify, design, build and test an automated, user-friendly commercial prototype.Bruce WeltOxysense Inc.Black B.I.R.D.2012/2013
Mechanical reliability of the filter systems is critical. As components wear, individual caster loads are transferred to support casters, leading to accelerated failure. Develop a system that monitors and reports the downward force on each support caster.Keith StanfillMosaic FertilizerCast or Calamity2012/2013
Medtronic develops microdebriders (reusable and drive a one-time sterile disposable blades). This project will investigate all options for automating the identification (such as RFID) of the microdebrider tool upon connection to the hand piece.Bill EisenstadtMedtronic XomedCutting Edge Systems2012/2013
GRU utilizes lime softening in their water treatment process at the Murphree plant in Gainesville. There is a need to find alternative ways for disposing the lime residuals to provide GRU more options.Spyros SvoronosGRUEnvirooptions2012/2013
Design, install and test a portable prototype instrument to measure the Silt Density Index of waterOscar CrisalleSiemens Energy, Inc.Filtration Fanatics2012/2013
Sandvik produces mobile drilling platforms for surface mining. These machines use sophisticated control systems, diesel and electric power, and hydraulic systems. Determine Sanvik hydraulic simulation needs and desired software architectureJohn SchuellerSandvik MiningHSIM2012/2013
To support realistic training experiences for highly skilled pilots, drivers, operators, first responders and others in mission-critical roles create infinite resolution smooth surfaces from polygonal models on web-enabled platforms.Jorg PetersLockheed MartinInfinite Resolution2012/2013
In heavy duty Diesel engines, if a belt drive fails and the water pump stops, the lack of coolant flow will cause the engine to seize within seconds. Identify and prototype technologies that cause the engine to survive the cooling system failure.Timothy DalrympleCummins Inc.Keep Cool2012/2013
Develop a test object (phantom) that mimics the MRI and US features of the prostate. Design and process a sequence of quantitative MRI and US scans using image processing to show validity of MRI and US fusion.Gijs BosmanInvivo CorporationMagCoustic Fusion2012/2013
Since battery-powered aerial vehicles generally have very short run times, an intelligent ground system to replace (not recharge) batteries will greatly enhance the possible uses of the vehicle. Design a ground power station to meets specific needsCarl CraneLockheed MartinP.O.W.E.R.2012/2013
TBASpyros SvoronosIntegrated Technology VenturesRapDect-o2012/2013
Mechanical relays are used in nuclear power plants to actuate a variety of valves, pumps, and motors located throughout the plant. We'll develop a system to monitor the overall health of several relays real-time and determine existing failure mechanisms. Karl GugelExelonReal Time Relays2012/2013
Generate designs and a working prototype that shows the viability to modify the surface of deployable or fixed mesh reflectors by means of shape memory alloy elementsHenry ZmudaHarris Corp.Space Ace2012/2013
Design and build a fully functional neuroscience exhibit display for use at the temporary HQ for the Cade Museum of Creativity and Invention. Illustrate various functions of the brain and serve as the benchmark for other exhibits.David MolyneauxCade MuseumTeam Origivation2012/2013
Measure the vibration (<1Hz) of large Air Cooled Condenser fans to detect failure. This device is attached to gearbox or shaft and must report the amount of vibration to the control systemTimothy MiddelkoopSiemens Energy, Inc.Tremor Technologies2012/2013
The installation and alignment of support rollers impact the life expectancy of rollers, riding rings, gears, and vessels. Develop a system to monitor and report forces in multiple dimensions on each support roller. Loc Vu QuocMosaic FertilizerVessel Bearing Monitor2012/2013
Provide online mobile tools for the coaches, athletes, and spectators who visit the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex: field maps, wayfinding, field information, event schedules, current scores and results, weather, and messaging/alerts.Manuel BermudezWalt DisneyVirtual Varsity2012/2013
Design and develop a Decision Support System that will visualize financial stability and projected growth scenarios. The model will be a cloud hosted application developed using Java, HTML and (hybrid HTML and SQL). Suleyman TufekciLucravalde Inc.VisualBAT2012/2013
Establish preliminary workstation requirements for a cordless ultrasonic disector surgical instrument cleaning, disassembly, rework, reassembly, QA, testing, packaging, and sterilizationSuleyman TufekciStryker Sustainability SolutionsClean Cut2013/2014
GD-OTS manufactures military ordnance and oilfield pipe joints using lathes to machine forgings which have variable hardness. An adaptive controller could be implemented to slow down the machining when there is excessive power consumption or vibration.John SchuellerGeneral DynamicsAdaptive Control Unit2013/2014
Cloud based image processing service for communicating between producers and consumers of medical image data sets. Evaluate data integrity, security and performance of existing solutions for cloud based computing within the healthcare environment.Jorg PetersInvivo CorporationCaduceus Courier Solutions2013/2014
Reprocessing of the Covidien Sonicision cordless ultrasonic dissection device. Involves disassembly, cleaning, reassembly, and testing of the medical device. Will use reverse engineering, solid modeling, disassembly, and biomaterial cleaning methods.Jim SchumacherStryker Sustainability SolutionsClean Cut2013/2014
Femtocells extend cell-phone coverage by routing cell-phone traffic over the internet causing security vulnerabilities. Develop methods to identify legitimate available cellular telephone sources, differentiate legitimate and rogue femtocells, etc.Joseph WilsonWalt DisneyCruella Cell2013/2014
There is a growing requirement related to space applications for lightweight antennae that can self-deploy. Modify assembly to be manufactured, perform analysis to size components for strength and deployment forces, manufacture components.Carl CraneHarris Corp.Deployable Technologies2013/2014
TBAAlireza EntezariHarris Corp.Digital Oil Field eXploration (DOFeX)2013/2014
TBAKarl GugelVerifoneDistributed Data Dynamics2013/2014
TBAKevin PowersSandvik MiningDust Mitigators2013/2014
GDO & TS makes fins for artillery rounds by forging, machining, and heat treating. Such fins may be more suitably manufactured with either Direct Metal or Selective Laser Sintering or by Combustion Driven Compaction of metal powders.David MikolaitisGeneral DynamicsFinovation2013/2014
Oxysense specializes in non-destructive, fluorescence based package testing. Oxysense is a commercial licensee of UF based permeation technology. Last year we built a prototype. This year we are going to productize it and help Oxysense get it to market!Bruce WeltOxysense Inc.FLORADYNE2013/2014
TBAHenry ZmudaTectron EngineeringINFINITECH2013/2014
TBAWilliam PelletierTectron EngineeringInnovative Water Solutions2013/2014
TBAWilliam PelletierNestle Waters North AmericaInnovative Water Solutions2013/2014
Medtronic develops microdebriders for sinus surgery. They’re reusable and drive a one-time sterile disposable blades. We’ll investigate options to monitor irrigation flow and provide a signal for an alarm or an autonomous shutdown of the debrider. Wenhsing WuMedtronic XomedMicroSense2013/2014
TBATimothy DalrympleGeneral DynamicsMicrosight2013/2014
We’ll establish a system to predict signs of machine troubles via installment of high-tech sensors. This system will help avoid potential machine breakdowns and thus improve machine availability rate, quality rate and speed rate (OEE metric).Suleyman TufekciGeneral DynamicsOverall Equipment Effectiveness Booster (OEE Booster)2013/2014
TBAManuel BermudezLockheed MartinParallogix2013/2014
Create handheld devices for high precision localization of mobile devices using GPS techniques. Indoor localization of wireless electronics has potential applications in shopping, airport, convention center/stadium navigation, inventory location, etc.Bill EisenstadtIntegrated Technology VenturesPinpoint Precision2013/2014
TBAKeith StanfillStryker Sustainability SolutionsRef(x)ality2013/2014
TBAOscar CrisalleSiemens Energy, Inc.Silt Purgers2013/2014
TBAHuikai XieIntegrated Technology VenturesSmart Sensor Integrated Denture2013/2014
TBAOscar CrisalleMosaic FertilizerStack Acid Sensing (S.A.S.)2013/2014
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is the leading manufacturer of soft contact lenses. A very important characteristic is the moisture content. Design and fabricate an automated device that can removr residual liquid from contact lens surfaces. Spyros SvoronosJohnson and Johnson Vision CareSurface Solutions2013/2014
Design and build a low cost swarm of quadcopters to relay video back to a base station. The vehicle must have an autonomous mode and run independently to designated GPS coordinates, relaying vehicle status (GPS data, altitude, power status, etc.). Eric SchwartzLockheed MartinSWARM2013/2014
Rotary vessels are used to dry, granulate, condition, and cool fertilizer products. Mechanical reliability is critical to minimize costs, production interruptions, and safety hazards. Build on last year’s health monitoring system for the rotary vessel.Loc Vu QuocMosaic FertilizerTrunnion Control Systems (TCS)2013/2014
A prototype for an arm-exoskeleton will be designed, manufactured and tested. The exoskeleton will have motors or vibrators attached in various critical locations that will be controlled/triggered by a computer software.Angelos BarmpoutisJ.C. Pruitt Family Dept. of BMEWE CARE2014/2015
Tectron Engineering manufactures metal detectors for industrial use, protecting downstream equipment from tramp metal. Move firmware to a newly designed board with a low power Renesas microprocessor including new menu and data structure improvements.Bill EisenstadtTectron EngineeringEMP2014/2015
Design and build a prototype computer-controlled cell separation system based on sponsor’s unique microparticle-based cell separation technology. Involves design calculations/modeling and selection of process compatible pump/valve/tubingCarlos RinaldiMorphogenesisCellparation2014/2015
Integration of electrical stimulation into stretchable cell culture system. Design, prototype, and test a novel cell culture system that mimics the electrical and mechanical features of heart tissue. Chelsey SimmonsJ.C. Pruitt Family Dept. of BMEShock to the Heart2014/2015
Design and build a highly innovative approach to remove clogs due to soft tissue and bone from a range of microdebrider bladesCurtis TaylorMedtronic SurgicalMedscENT2014/2015
Design a prototype system to measure the iron concentration in the feed water of a combined cycle power plant. Ultimately, the prototype will demonstrate the feasibility of an online iron concentration monitoring system.David MazyckSiemens Energy, Inc.Ferrous Engineering2014/2015
Mosaic operates rotary vessels to granulate, condition, cool, and dry granular fertilizer products. Implement a monitoring system and calibrate it on a single rotary dryer. Monitor the wear/alignment and forces on the trunnion bearing rollers.David MikolaitisMosaic FertilizerMONITOR2014/2015
Design and build an immersive first person video (FPV) augmented reality system to provide a real-time view of the world through presentation of imagery. The device will utilize stereoscopic cameras to provide 3D vision at close-rangeEric SchwartzLockheed MartinVisAR2014/2015
External ventricular drains are placed in neurosurgical ICUs for patients with excessive cerebrospinal fluid. No non-invasive method of diagnosing the cause/site of failure or safely clearing an obstructed catheter exists. Frank BovaUF NeurosurgeryBrain Drain2014/2015
The gypsum slurry is sandwiched between two sheets of paper and cures into the final shape. Vibrations by the processing equipment can have a significant effect on the coalescence process and the ultimate strength of the gypsum board product.Gary ScheiffeleCertainTeed Gypsum Inc.Gypsum Rocks2014/2015
Harris Corp. collects scientific data and transmits that data over long distances. Perform design trades, demonstrate a high-speed laser/electrooptical data transmitter and develop an approach for implementing the design in a small form factor. Henry ZmudaHarris Corp.RANDALL2014/2015
Remote sensors are placed on/within a dental appliance that can monitor oral cavity health. Data measured may include pressure, movement, and temperature. Initial applications include monitoring bruxism and orthodontic retainer compliance.Huikai XieIntegrated Technology VenturesSMILE2014/2015
The Human Patient Simulator was developed at UF. This project focuses on the respiratory system (computer model, physical gases) model which can respond to real gases entering the lung either from the air or con-nected to a mechanical ventilator. Hans van OostrtromJ.C. Pruitt Family Dept. of BMETeam Breathe-inator2014/2015
Design a portable, robust data acquisition recorder for vibrations, pressure, and soundJohn SchuellerSandvik MiningUMAD2014/2015
Simulation in Lockheed-Martin's Scalable Advanced Graphic Engine (SAGE) will improve availability and affordability of testing and training. The project will enhance SAGE by automating the adaptation of external Environmental Geographic ModelsJorg PetersLockheed MartinSensor Tex2014/2015
Patient medical histories are stored as text documents. Integrate known, successful medical Natural Language Processing packages into the High Performance Computing Clusters framework and increase their performance by running them on a parallel platform.Joseph WilsonLexisNexisOpCodex2014/2015
We aim to automate manual slab inspection process with state of the art mechanical inject & retrieve equipment. Develop dependable and repeat-able image processing techniques for accurately measuring acid concentration.Karl GugelMosaic FertilizerAIA2014/2015
Develop an automation framework to identify and assess the IPv6 devices by capturing the signature of the device, type of device, OS, open ports, and identifying the current vulnerabilities on the device.Richard NewmanWalt DisneyNetShield2014/2015
Actionable Policy Control Catalog Shopping CartRichard NewmanWalt DisneySecuriCart2014/2015
Surgery inside the head requires extreme accuracy to treat lesions and avoid any damage. The client developed an inexpensive pathway to provide accurate surgical guidance using medical images and 3D printing. Goal: Create a clinically testable system.Scott BanksUF NeurosurgeryBrainTrust2014/2015
This technology uses a membrane-based open absorption cycle that removes moisture from an air stream and uses its latent energy to heat domestic hot water. This approach drastically increases efficiency and reduces cost of absorption-based systems.Sherif SherifIntegrated Technology VenturesTOCS2014/2015
CA and P accumulate and cause severe scaling problems at Hines, a 1200 acre man-made cooling reservoir. Design and demonstrate processes to mitigate scaling on condenser tubes and to reduce the levels of CA and P, pH, and temperature in the pond.Spyros SvoronosDuke EnergyNot To Scale2014/2015
Design and implement an Android Cell Phone Application for collecting and forwarding highway construction material sampling and testing results obtained at the construction site to the back-end Web site via cellular or Wi-Fi connection.Suleyman TufekciInfo Tech, Inc.Constrapptors2014/2015
Develop concepts for direct measurement of average oxygen flow through contact lenses. New challenges include measurement of oxygen flow through small (1mm2) zones and ability to measure new designs with non-homogeneous and aspheric contact lenses.Timothy DalrympleJohnson and Johnson Vision CareOST2014/2015
Develop a method for reducing and fixating rib and sternum segments following minimal access approaches for heart surgery.Walter O'DellBiomet MicrofixationSternum Solutions2014/2015
Integration of Wearable Sensors to Medtronic Nexus-D for Closed-Loop Deep Brain StimulationAysegul GunduzMetronic NeuromodulationCerebroStim2015/2016
Smart Garden/Pond ProtectorBill EisenstadtYard CopGuarden Tech2015/2016
3D Measurement, Modeling, and Fabrication for Aerospace ApplicationsCarl CraneNorthrop GrummanReverse Air2015/2016
Modular, Disposable Packed-column Cell SeparatorCarlos RinaldiMorphogenesisCell Seeker2015/2016
Acid Resistant Concrete Materials DesignChristopher FerraroMosaic FertilizerRock Solid Solutions2015/2016
CAE KingAirDavid MikolaitisCAE USAJust Wing It2015/2016
Heterogeneous Robots Equipped for Search and RecoveryEric SchwartzLockheed MartinSPOTR2015/2016
Optimize fiber reinforcement type, quantity, mixing, and forming to enhance the mechanical properties of CertainTeed Gypsum wallboardGary ScheiffeleCertainTeed Gypsum Inc.FiberFlex2015/2016
High-Speed Data LinkHenry ZmudaHarris Corp.Apollo Connection2015/2016
Imaging Sensor Miniaturization for Gas Turbine InspectionHuikai XieSiemens Energy, Inc.FERIT2015/2016
Crash Analyzer PortalJoseph WilsonVeritas Technology CorporationCrash Capture2015/2016
Engineering design unit (EDU) SRAM memory multi-module test stationKarl GugelHoneywell InternationalZOOM2015/2016
Wireless Diagnostics For Mobile Drill RigsManuel BermudezSandvik MiningDrill Data Diagnostics2015/2016
Automation of Bone Paste Syringe Filling Oscar CrisalleRTI SurgicalAutoMed Solutions2015/2016
Optimization of Waste Water EffluentOscar CrisalleDuke EnergyFlorida Filtration2015/2016
IT Security Communications Mobil ApplicationRichard NewmanWalt DisneySecComm2015/2016
Device to quantify bony fixation of orthopaedic implants in real-time during surgeryShannon RidgewayExactech, Inc.ImpactAid2015/2016
Product and Process Factor Evaluation Affecting Quality of Ammonium Phosphate FertilizersSpyros SvoronosMosaic FertilizerAnti-Caking Engineering (ACE)2015/2016
Product Pulse DashboardSuleyman TufekciInfo Tech, Inc.StratuStream2015/2016
Using the Human Patient Simulator (HPS) improve testing ability and function of the current HPS Pericardiocentesis feature.Hans van OostrtromCAE HealthcareBeats2016/2017
Design a reconfigurable regional aircraft for both cargo and passengersDavid MikolaitisCAE USAIndiskies2016/2017
Research CertainTeed's current wallboard corner beads to determine why the product lifts when drywall compound is appliedGary ScheiffeleCertainTeed Gypsum Inc.Edge Bond2016/2017
Design and install an air chiller on the feed port of the gas turbine at the UF campus co-generation plant to maximize electrical power production on hot daysOscar CrisalleDuke EnergyStraight Chilling2016/2017
Develop and code a model capable of predicting economic performance at the Duke Energy Bartow plant in St. Petersburg, FlaSpyros SvoronosDuke EnergyTandem Cyclists2016/2017
Design, build, test and experimentally validate (in cadavers) a force-sensing instrument to quantify soft-tissue tension during total knee replacement surgeryMasaru HigaExactech, Inc.LigaMentation2016/2017
Develop a mobile rover that can perform self-assessments on the health of substation components to mitigate outages before they occurCarl CraneFlorida Power & LightPower Patrol2016/2017
Evaluate high performance heatsink materials for use in space applications where convection is not available for heat transferJacob ChungHarris Corp.Space Sink2016/2017
Perform thermal analysis, design a control scheme, and build a prototype to stabilize the thermal environment the IMU is exposed to in a spacecraft environmentHuikai XieHoneywell InternationalTHERMIC2016/2017
Create an automated recommendation engine that recognizes and identifies projects of specific interest to each user based on past activity, projects, and future project plans, using machine learning and web servicesJoseph WilsonInfo Tech, Inc.Oraculum2016/2017
Commercialization of a high-solids flooded leachbed anaerobic composting system that reduces bioreactor sizes and processes waste at lower temperatures than current systemsPratap PullammanappallilIntegrated Technology VenturesAWD Solutions2016/2017
Design/build “People+” a people-tracking platform, for people using wearable devicesManuel BermudezMindtreeMindful Oversight2016/2017
In an effort to reduce the degrading of infrastructure due to acid transfer, students will create designs for new and improved acid-resistant infrastructure.Christopher FerraroMosaic FertilizerCoatcrete2016/2017
Design and build an automated chemical prospecting analyzer from components to increase the efficiency and safety of mining core prospecting processSindia Rivera-JimenezMosaic FertilizerFull Spectrum2016/2017
Assemble models to use in indoor quality control during building construction via augmented realityJorg PetersMoss & AssociatesConsruction Reality (CoR)2016/2017
This project will prototype Internet of Things (IoT) technology to track the quantity of employees, equipment and their location for improved safety and productivity on a construction siteBill EisenstadtMoss & AssociatesTagtical Tracers2016/2017
Design an industrial CO2 separation system using software developed by the DOE NETL to build a bench-scale system to demonstrate the process for applications on 2 - 460 MW coal units in Central Florida.Sindia Rivera-JimenezOrlando Utilities CommissionECO22016/2017
Design a safe, stable device to transport and orient glass panels on a worksiteJohn SchuellerPGT IndustriesGlassport2016/2017
Build upon 2015 project to design and test an automated syringe filler machine for clean room manufacturing operationOscar CrisalleRTI SurgicalAuto Fill Solutions2016/2017
Design an automated system for replacement of worn drill bits attached to the end of a drill string with a new drill bitSuleyman TufekciSandvik MiningDrill Team Six2016/2017
Create a Wi-Fi version of the AmpSetBlue product that can remote control the valve amplifier with APPs on iOS and Android devices.Wenhsing WuSun HydraulicsAmpliFi2016/2017
Create a system that allows un-plugging and plugging into rack mounted equipment in a typical server room environment with limited/no human supervision by developing an autonomous mobile platform along with appropriate manipulatorsShannon RidgewayVerizonRobotic Switch Solutions (RSS)2016/2017
Develop an appliance to receive system logs that filters and tokenizes the sensitive information before sending the data to an ELK stack on AWS for analysisRichard NewmanWalt DisneyTokeneers2016/2017
Design an Aerial Tanker to Minimize Turbulence Effects During RefuelingRichard LindCAE USAModel Air2017/2018
Hard Hat with Integrated ARSuleyman TufekciFlorida Power & LightInsight2017/2018
Lift Station and Force Main Operations OptimzationSpyros SvoronosGRUPumps Up2017/2018
Telescoping Mast Drive AssemblyCarl CraneHarris Corp.Satell Up2017/2018
Spacewire Special Test EquipmentWenhsing WuHoneywell InternationalComb the Sky2017/2018
Capturing Structured Data from PhotographsJoseph WilsonInfo Tech, Inc.Invulse2017/2018
High Speed Seal Driver for Flexible Pouch Beverage PackagingBruce WeltKHS USAHorizon Seal2017/2018
Breast Pump InnovationStephen ArceMedical Innovations LLCPumped Up2017/2018
Modular, Disposable Packed-column Cell SeparatorCarlos RinaldiMorphogenesisCellution2017/2018
Virtual Reality Software Development KitJorg PetersNielsen Co.Virtual Focus2017/2018
Automated Test Station/Breakout BoxBill EisenstadtNorthrop GrummanThe Fault Busters2017/2018
Sakrete Product OptimizationJerry ParisOldcastleConcreators2017/2018
Harmonic Gearing Performance Test StandShannon RidgewayTetragon LabsGreater Gearing2017/2018
Bench-Scale Process Design for CO2 Sequestration and Transportation for Sustainable Large-Scale Algae GrowthSindia Rivera-JimenezOrlando Utilities CommissionA-to-Action2017/2018
Image Documentation SystemManuel BermudezSiemens Energy, Inc.Picta2017/2018
Optimal Bolt Cleaning OperationsOscar CrisalleSiemens Energy, Inc.Bolt Rehab2017/2018
Croaking Process Variation Reduction and OptimizationHitomi GreensletSun HydraulicsHelios2017/2018
Hydration Monitoring SystemAlexandra GarraudTervisQuench2017/2018
Central Office Visually Enhanced Asset Tracking and Management SystemAngelos BarmpoutisVerizonServerful2017/2018
Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Assitant (HAIA)Jaime RuizVoaltePulse2017/2018
Audit Log Tokenizing Appliance and Threat Analysis SystemRichard NewmanWalt DisneyTokeneers++2017/2018
Near Real Time IoT-based Solution for Continuous Water Quality MonitoringKeith RamboWind RiverGIGA2017/2018
UAV Mission Design with 2D Coefficient PredictionDavid MikolaitisCAE USAFoil Flightware2018/2019
Autonomous Drone for Electric Grid InspectionsOscar CrisalleFlorida Power & LightAutonomous Inspection Systems2018/2019
Mobile Contact Proximity Alerting SystemManuel BermudezFreedom ScientificFrienDetect2018/2019
Water Distribution Flushing OptimizationSpyros SvoronosGRURefresh2018/2019
Wearable Tech - Water-Activated Tape (WAT) DispenserBruce WeltIPGW.A.T.S.U.P2018/2019
Far Field Audio Microphone Array SystemJoseph WilsonNielsenAudioUs2018/2019
Automated Drone RefuelingKeith RamboNorthrop GrummanDrop-N-Swap2018/2019
Optimization Studies of CO2 Sequestration ProcessSindia Rivera-JimenezOrlando Utilities CommissionClean Output Engineers2018/2019
Machine-Learning System to Detect Recyclable MaterialsAngelos BarmpoutisPTP StrategyWasteAI2018/2019
Multi-Compartmented Text Chat ApplicationRichard NewmanRaytheon CompanyTransCrypt2018/2019
Easy-Access Roof Cargo SystemCarl CraneTalem CapitalCar-Go2018/2019
Flexible Bearings for Wave GeneratorsShannon RidgewayTetragon LabsThe Bearing 62018/2019
Remote Monitoring for Cell SitesWenhsing WuVerizonSHIELD2018/2019
Holo Tele RehabJorg Peters9 Degrees of HumanReGaming2018/2019
Wireless Power and Energy Storage for Inertial GuidanceSuleyman TufekciHoneywell InternationalCharge-Air2018/2019
Amex Servicing @ HomeJaime RuizAmerican ExpressHello AmE2019/2020
Wake model for Aircraft Minimum Interval Take-Off and Aerial Refueling ScenariosDavid MikolaitisCAE USAWake2019/2020
Consumer Video Product for the Monster Jam Ride TruckAngelos BarmpoutisFeld EntertainementVirtuoso Visuals2019/2020
Remotely Operated Lineman Robotic SystemOscar CrisalleFlorida Power & LightSPARX2019/2020
Augmented Reality System with 3D modeling for Assisting Low Vision Users with Their SurroundingsJorg PetersFreedom ScientificSweet Vision2019/2020
IoT Mesh Network Asset Tracking SystemJoseph WilsonHoneywell International4-Net2019/2020
Chatbot Cognitive and Enhancement ProjectEdward Latorre-NavarroNielsenP.I.E Bot2019/2020
Open Spot TrackingKeith RamboNorthrop GrummanPark Rangers2019/2020
Cement Based Binding AgentJerry ParisOldcastleCCM2019/2020
Feasibility Studies for the Implementation of CO2 Capture Process for Sustainable Large-Scale Algae GrowthSindia Rivera-JimenezOrlando Utilities CommissionAlgaeNation2019/2020
Virtual Reality: A Next-Generation Tool to Improve Waste and Materials ManagementAngelos BarmpoutisPTP StrategyWaste VR2019/2020
Starburst Multi-Compartmented Chat - Phase 2Richard NewmanRaytheon CompanyRedact2019/2020
Obstacle Detection System for Surface Mining Drill RigsDavid CheneySandvik MiningDrill Vision2019/2020