2023-2024 Faculty Coaches

Jorg Peters

Ph.D.– U Wisconsin

Dr. Peters’ research interests include modeling and computing with geometry: computer graphics, geometric design, numerical computations, surgery simulation.

2020-2021 Faculty Coaches – Integrated Product & Process Design

Kurt Schulze

Ph.D.– University of Florida

Dr. Schulze’s research interests include HVAC Systems and energy management.

Laura Cruz-Castro

Ph.D.– Purdue University

Laura Melissa Cruz Castro’s research interests focus on computational thinking at scale and data science education. She looks at K-12, higher education, professional, and community settings for both research interests. 

Sanethia Thomas

Ph.D.– University of Florida

Thomas is chartering research in computer science and athlete development. She sends a strong message of the importance of education and success regardless of gender and race.

Rui Guo

Ph.D.– University of South Florida

Dr. Guo’s research interests include multimodal traffic safety, sustainable transportation, air transportation, and engineering education. She has conducted 10+ funded research projects from state DOT as well as national agencies, presented her studies in core conferences, and published research papers in the major peer-reviewed journals.

Eban Bean

Ph.D.– University of Florida

Dr. Bean’s integrated research and extension program focuses on urban water resources engineering, with special emphasis on stormwater management, irrigation conservation, and low-cost sensors.

Catia Silva

Ph.D.– University of Florida

Dr. Silva’s research interests include machine learning, signal processing, pattern recognition, computational neuroscience, and cognitive science.

Jason Butler

Ph.D.– The University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Butler’s research group generates insights and solutions to problems regarding the transport of complex fluids using experimental, computational, and theoretical methods. 

Philip Jackson

Ph.D.– University of Florida

Dr. Jackson’s research interests include numerical applications to heat transfer, fluid mechanics, magnetohydrodynamics, and facilitating undergraduate students to engage in similar projects. He is also interested in game-based learning systems and adaptive learning systems and their effect on student motivation.

Rong Zhang, Ph.D.

Rong Zhang

Ph.D.– Rutgers University

Dr. Zhang’s research areas include image and signal analysis and machine learning.

VJ Tocco

Ph.D.– University of Florida

Dr. Vincent Tocco, Jr., is a recent graduate of the UF Chemical Engineering Ph.D. program. His passion for teaching and mentoring led him to excel as a teaching assistant, and mentor to undergraduates, high school students, and teachers in research, and to develop a one-semester weekly seminar aimed at new Ph.D. students.

Baoyun Ge

Ph.D.– University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Ge’s research interests include Electromechanical energy conversion and power electronics, with a special focus on their topologies and multiphysics design to promote long-term sustainability.

Cheryl Resch

M.S.– University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University

Resch teaches core Computer Science courses and is performing computing education research. Before joining UF as a lecturer, Resch spent 29 years at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. There she performed research in secure computing and cybersecurity architecture.

Kim Stubbs

Ph.D.– University of Florida

Kimberly’s research interests are primarily focused on human-robot interaction and rehabilitative robotics.