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Final Design Review

So this is it! After almost a years worth of work, hundreds of hours testing, researching, and calculating, the project has come to an end.

Tuesday the 20th of April, Compressor Cooling Consultants presented their project to Sandvik as well as presented to all those in attendance at the FDR Event.

We showed a glimpse of what we are giving to Sandvik in our final report!

We are so thankful for having the opportunity to work on this project. Finally take a look at our project video!

Team Video

Thank you to all who stuck with us this semester and last! We appreciate it!

Team Poster!

So we had to get this approved and we finally did! Check it out!

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Getting Close to the End

Hey Everyone!

So we are finally starting to wrap things up! We are working on our video as well as our poster and we should be able to present it soon!

Currently we are finishing up our testing and doing analysis on the data that we already have!

This project has been long and we finally have results and we are proud of that! Stay tuned for the poster!

Testing Update

Hey Everyone!

We have continued our testing with our new valve! We are doing pretty well with a manual valve so more work will come in when it comes to analyzing the data so we are taking more data than we were before to help with our reasoning. We are approaching the end of our semester so we will be pushing for as much data as possible!

We will continue pushing for the end!

We will keep you updated!

Post PID

Thank you to all the professionals that gave us their time so that we could demonstrate the work that we have done!

We received some really good feedback and will be using it to further our progress! Our next change has been that we are switching our valve to a fully manual valve so that we can split the flow of our liquid with a more precise method.

We will keep everyone updated on our progress! Thank you for taking the time to stop in!

Let’s Get Ready for PID!

So with the upcoming Prototype Inspection Day, we want to be sure that our device is ready for being shown!

We have made some changes to the system and have been using our original valve to control flow in a manual manner but we are considering using a different valve rather than using the electronic valve.

For now, we will continue working on our presentation and will have some updates next week!

Stay tuned!

Houston, we have a Problem!

Hi Again!

So we have run into some issues with our valve and have decided to replace it! We love the idea of having a valve that can be controlled without manually changing it, but due to some limitations in the equipment, we will not be able to do that.

This does not set us back though! Thankfully, our system can take enough data to act in a way where we can predict the necessary valve actuation!

We will keep you updated! So stay tuned!

Testing Phase

Hey Everyone! Welcome back!

We have started our testing since our prototype is completely assembled! We can’t share any specifics but everything is going as planned and we should be getting some good data!

Full prototype housed in a chest freezer

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Let me start off by thanking our second Qualification Review Board that provided us with some great advice! They’re criticisms and suggestions were taken to heart and our team has finished ordering all parts of the prototype. We are hoping by the end of the next week that we can finish our build and put everything together so that we can start testing and start recording data!

We are also working on building our control code for our system and I would love to share the details but unfortunately we cannot, but I promise, it’s cool!

Anyways, I will let y’all know when our prototype is done and functioning and I should have some small videos to share when it is! Thanks for sticking around!

Continuing the Work

Our team continues to get into the lab and build the prototype so here are the updates!

We have ordered almost every part and we are getting down to the last few pieces. Our main components for our cooling system have been picked out and are being placed inside of our prototype enclosure.

We are also constantly working on making it so that our data can be transferred to Sandvik once we are done and that we can make effective recommendations to their team! Until then, we will keep working diligently!

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