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FDR Recap

This previous Tuesday (4/20/2021) the One For All team was able to show off the work they accomplished this year to Northrop Grumman, peers, and family. The team did the FDR presentation took the safe precautionary methods to have this event in person amidst the pandemic. Above is a picture of the poster the team used for the presentation. Throughout the course of the year the One For All team learned how to be a professional engineer and its members are excited to take this into their post graduation life.

Here is a photo of the team presenting in the Reitz Union. Thank you to IPPD for a great year!

The Last Lap!

This week the One For All team Made a 2 minute video documenting our progress on the project. There are still some edits to make which will be finished up this week. The team will also finish up the poster and draft of the FDR next week at all. The team finished up testing this week as well. From here until the FDR most of the project will revolve around getting ready for the FDR instead of project changes. The team is looking forward to finishing the semester strong. Below is a link to the video made.

PID Review

This week the One For All team presented their PID presentation to a panel. Feedback was mainly focused on our testing plans and ensuring that we are testing objectively as well as subjectively. Part of this issue was due to time constraints however, the team still needs to ensure that testing is clearly defined as we get ready for FDR. Below is a picture of the PID presentation.

This week the team began multiple vehicle testing of 2 picars and will soon add in another tello drone. We also created a storyboard for the 2 minute project video.

Next week the team will work on the FDR final report which will show the documentation of the work done this semester. The team will also create a rough draft of the poster board and get it checked by the coach.

Preparing for the PID

This week we started the first iteration of testing with a single vehicle and operator. The results were very good with the users averaging a 5.6667 on the modified cooper harper rating scale and 94% across all the tests. This means out of the 7 tests done they passed 94% of the tasks, the 5.6667 means they were using maximum effort. The team needs to see how to alleviate some of the burden off the testers.

Next week we will start the first iteration of multiple vehicle testing with two tello drones and one PiCar. We will continue to work on the vehicle view switching latency and design a storyboard for our video. Most importantly we are presenting our PID to a panel and looking forward to getting their feedback.

Getting Closer to FDR Everyday

This week the team had a great streak on the development side of the project. First and foremost, the view switching now works across different Unmanned Vehicle screens. The team also fixed the latency issue between video feed and controller inputs with two options. One being having two different scripts, one for hosting video screens and another for hosting commands, the other being to implement multiprocessing. Lastly, we got the testing plan approved by the Liaison Engineers.

For the upcoming week we will begin the first iteration of multiple vehicle testing, implement our strategy to mitigate latency. We will also start cleaning code and cleaning/organizing the UI.

Testing in Full Swing

This week the One For All Team created a detailed testing plan based off a modified Cooper-Harper Scale (MCH) for the subjective testing. The Cooper-Harper Scale is already used for flight testing so it will translate well. For objective testing process and skeleton to follow to remove any bias or outside variable interference with testing, so the testers do the same tasks in the same order of each other. On the development side main view switching is now available with subordinate vehicles.

For the upcoming week we will finish implementing the controller for the PiCar, start to have graphical version for sensory information such as battery, height, etc. Next we will begin the first iteration of testing with the UI. We are excited to keep working!

Review of QRB 2

This week the One For All team presented QRB 2 to a panel of judges. The presentation went well and the team got good advice moving forward. First and foremost the team needs to come up with a more systematic and detailed testing plan. This will help cut down on the variance that could arise if a specific plan isn’t followed. The team also successfully integrated the PlayStation Controller to the UI on both windows and mac for the Tello Drone and now needs to work on that for the PiCar. The team is excited to begin this final push towards the end of the year!

Preparing for QRB 2

This week the One For All team had a very meeting heavy week as well as continuing the technical progress on the project. Yesterday, the team met with a pilot from Northrop Grumman who gave us advice moving forward in the project and what he would look for in a UI. This was a very informative meeting where the team was grateful to have another perspective offered for the project. We also began the first iteration of testing the UI and resolved the issue of the drone camera feeds being overlaid with eachother.

Next week first and foremost will be presenting QRB 2. However, the team has other goals such as begin objective testing for the UI instead of just evaluations. The team will also work on vehicle view switching within the UI as well as prepare preset group routines. We will also begin network testing in terms of the lag times of commands and video feeds. Lastly, the team will investigate offline version of voice recognition.

Testing Begins Soon!

Major progress was made this week with team One For All. Voice was successfully integrated into the UI and can be toggled by pressing a button. Next multiple Tello Drones can now be added to the UI at once, as well as adding PiCars. The picture below shows the successful integration of these unmanned vehicles.

Next week will be very exciting for the One For All team. They plan to integrate a voice command to allow the switching of screens. They will also update the UI so it will dynamically allocate screen size for the unmanned vehicles. The team also plans to begin preliminary testing, mainly focusing on the front end of the UI. Curtis Stump, the Industrial Engineer of the team has not made the UI so he will be the primary testing to offer design changes to the UI.

QRB 1 Recap

Team One For All just finished presenting QRB 1 and received quality feedback and ideas to keep in mind as the project moves forward. Below is a screen grab of the QRB presentation.

The biggest feedback the team received on the QRB was to remember the end goal of seeing how many possible Unmanned Vehicles can be integrated.

For next week the team will integrate the 2nd PiCar as it was built this week and get the video camera working. The team also just received the next three Tello Drones and will integrate all of them into the UI. The team will also begin brainstorming different ways to test the UI and Network. Lastly, the team is excited to begin working on the voice control function of the UI.