2020-21 Projects

American Express

Title: Using Customer Sentiment to Improve Customer & Colleague Experience

Team Name: BluePay

Coach: Ashish Aggarwal


Title: Vision Processing System for Simulated Maintenance Trainer

Team Name: Simvolts

Coach: Allen Turner

Florida Power & Light

Title: Autonomous Robot Dog Docking Station

Team Name: Power House

Coach: Allen Turner

Freedom Scientific

Title: A Mobile App for Blind and Low Vision Users to Browse Weather Radar

Team Name: Silver Linings Software

Coach: Saira Anwar

Harn Museum of Art

Title: Touchless Touchscreen

Team Name: FLUX

Coach: Andrea Goncher

Northrop Grumman

Title: How many can you handle?

Team Name: One For All

Coach: Edward Latorre-Navarro


Title: Capture the Flag Tool (Hacker Jeopardy)

Team Name: Pythax

Coaches: Richard E. Newman


Title: Secure Database GUI Interfacing

Team Name: Eight Bit

Coaches: Ann Ramirez

Tampa Bay Rays

Title: Grip Pressure Measurement for Elite Athletes

Team Name: GRIPPD

Coach: Hans van Oostrom

Rinaldi Project

Title: 3D Printed Low-Cost Reactor for Distributed Experiential Learning

Team Name: REACT3D

Coach: Philip Jackson

Sandvik Mining

Title: Cooling system design for compressor oil in surface mining drill rigs

Team Name: Compressor Cooling Consultants (CCC)

Coach: Kurt Shulze

Maden/Varholick Project

Title: Spiny Mouse Selfie

Team Name: Macro Mice

Coach: Karl Gugel

Texas Instruments

Title: DSP and FPGA robotics platform for remote learning

Team Name: Texbot

Coach: Karl Gugel

Winesett Project

Title: Neuro Nightmare: A simulation experience for medical personnel

Team Name: NeuroMediSim

Coach: Jorg Peters