2019-20 Projects

American Express

Title: Amex Servicing @ Home

Team Name: Hello AmE

Coach: Jaime Ruiz


Title: Wake Model for Aircraft Minimum Interval Take-Off and Aerial Refueling Scenarios

Team Name: WAKE

Coach: Dave Mikolaitas

Feld Entertainment

Title: Consumer Video Product for the Monster Jam Ride Truck

Team Name: Virtuoso Visuals

Coach: Angelos Barmpoutis

Florida Power & Light

Title: Remotely Operated Lineman Robotic System

Team Name: SPARX

Coach: Oscar Crisalle

Freedom Scientific

Title: Augmented Reality System with 3D Modeling for Assisting Low Vision Users with Their Surroundings

Team Name: Sweet Vision

Coach: Jorg Peters


Title: IoT Mesh Network Asset Tracking System

Team Name: 4-NET

Coach: Joseph Wilson


Title: Chatbot Cognitive & Enhancement project

Team Name: P.I.E. Bot

Coach: Edward Latorre-Navarro

Northrop Grumman

Title: Open Spot Tracking

Team Name: Park Rangers

Coach: Keith Rambo


Title: Cement Based Binding Agent

Team Name: CCM

Coach: Jerry Paris

Orlando Utilities Commission

Title: Feasibility Studies for the Implementation of CO2 Capture Process for Sustainable Large-Scale Algae Growth

Team Name: AlgaeNation

Coach: Sindia Rivera-Jimenez

PTP Strategy

Title: Virtual Reality: A Next-Generation Tool to Improve Waste and Materials Management 

Team Name: Waste VR

Coach: Angelos Barmpoutis


Title: Starburst Multi-Compartmented Chat – Phase 2 

Team Name: Redact

Coach: Richard Newman


Title: Obstacle Detection System for Surface Mining Drill Rigs

Team Name: Drill Vision

Coach: David Cheney