2019-2020 Faculty Coaches

Angelos Barmpoutis

Ph.D.-University of Florida

Dr. Barmpoutis’ areas of expertise include machine vision and applications, virtual reality in medicine and education, human motion capture and analysis using RGB-D cameras, and image processing and visualization.

David Cheney

Ph.D.– University of Florida

Dr. Cheney’s experience includes supercomputer CPU design, protective relaying and metrology in the electric utility industry, software application development (database and control), brain-machine interface research, compound semiconductor research, and he has extensive experience in system integration. 

Oscar Crisalle

Ph.D.– University of California- Santa Barbara

Dr. Crisalle’s areas of interest include analysis and design of control systems, real-time remote control over the Internet, manufacture of photovoltaic devices and
control of fuel-cell powered systems.

Edward Latorre-Navarro

Ph.D.– University of Florida

Dr. Latorre-Navarro is the Interim Director of IPPD. During his doctoral studies, he was a member of the Computational NeuroEngineering Lab Hybrid Group under Dr. John G. Harris, where he worked on speech and natural language processing. 

Dave Mikolaitas

Ph.D.– University of Illinois

Dr. Mikolaitas’ research concerns combustion modeling, especially in coupling between fluid transients and chemical kinetics, high pressure chemical kinetics, surface reactions, and advanced propulsion devices.

Richard Newman

Ph.D.– University of Rochester

Dr. Newman’s research concerns cloud computing, information security and networks. His interests include modeling, simulation, congestion control, multipath routing, error control and powerline communications. 

Jerry Paris

Ph.D.– University of Florida

Dr. Paris’ research is related to alternative cementitious materials and he has worked on multiple projects with both the public and private sectors related to geotechnical and materials engineering.

Jorg Peters

Ph.D.– University of Wisconsin

Dr. Peters’ research interests include modeling and computing with geometry: computer graphics, geometric design, numerical computations and surgery simulation.

Keith Rambo

BSEE– University of Florida

Professor Rambo’s research interests include lightning and electromagnets, devices and semiconductor device manufacturing.

Sindia Rivera- Jimenez

Ph.D.– University of Puerto Rico, Mayag├╝ez

Dr. Rivera-Jimenez’s research focuses on understanding the processes that contribute to the persistence and retention of underrepresented minorities in academic engineering programs during formal and informal educational experiences.

Jaime Ruiz

Ph.D.– University of Waterloo

Dr. Ruiz’s research interests include natural user interfaces, human-computer interaction, gesture recognition, whole-body interaction, computer-supported cooperative work, and usable bioinformatics.

Joseph Wilson

Ph.D.– University of Virginia

Dr. Wilson’s research interests include information security and machine learning.