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Putting an END to the Semester with FDR

Team SimVolts showed and demonstrated a working prototype in the Final Design Review to Sponsor and IPPD staff. SimVolts is aware that the accomplishment is expandable, and the team is turning-in a final report with all specifications for future reference.

SimVolts is very grateful to IPPD and CAE team for the opportunity to work on this project. It has been a great learning experience!

Come & Check out SimVolts Final Video!

SimVolts Final Poster!

SimVolts is presenting the Poster on the Final Design Review!

Prototype Evaluation Day!

During Prototype Evaluation Day, SimVolts was able to demonstrate a prototype demo in progress and testing plans.

SimVolts did a live demo of its working API system that will be integrated with the above Graphical User Interface (GUI). A live demo of the GUI was done were the audience was able to see how the GUI calls a local API system.

GUI system is not done yet, but SimVolts intend to have it done within two weeks.

SimVolts received many feedbacks. It was said that the team needs to work on the Elevator Pitch. But, we also had positive feedbacks, it was said that the team had improved a lot and that SimVolts is close to a functioning Prototype. The team-wide participation was reflected and fair.

Future plans include to finish our prototype, and add final touches to the project. In the meantime, the hard work continues!

Closer to a Functioning Prototype

SimVolts is very close to its first functioning prototype. This is good news for the team as we get closer to Prototype Inspection Day.

SimVolts is running multiple test cases to ensure that the Application Process Interface system works properly as expected. This API system will be interfacing with a Graphical User Interface soon to be integrated.

The Week After QRB2…

Following a major project rescope, and preparing for Prototype Evaluation Day soon, SimVolts pivoted to a new project plans and created a brief presentation outlining the new project scope.

A software version control repository was created for the Smart Multimeter back-end package, and populated with some code available at the time, to be updated as the software is developed.

New assignments were distributed to team members, most notably the additional design task for a battery system to be integrated into the handheld device.

SimVolts aims and promises hard work and accomplishments for next Quality Review Board.

It’s QRB2 Week!

SimVolts presented the new scope of work discussed in last sponsor’s meeting during QRB presentation.

SimVolts received useful feedbacks, and the team continues to improve and have a possible testing plan in mind to discuss with coach and sponsor.

SimVolts plans to have a prototype testing plan by FDR outline and more improvement on the project.

Even though computer vision is not a priority, SimVolts will work on it in their free times.

Alarming News!

During a sponsor meeting SimVolts and CAE members agreed to reduced the scope of work of the project. Computer vision side is not longer a priority and SimVolts will only work on it if the new scope tasks are completed.

This new scope is more doable and it aims to fit more within the time limits of IPPD program.

On the other hand the computer back-end system stays the same and SimVolts has created DC circuit models intended to be used as LRU Boxes.

Computer Vision in Progress

SimVolts is making good progress in the computer vision side of the project. The team ran multiple neural network trainings on the jetson nano. The training is able to detect two different pins on the same cannon plug.


The day finally came and SimVolts had a blast at QRB1 presentation day.

SimVolts received many helpful feedbacks in QRB.

Some of the feedbacks:

  • Clarity on the goal definition is needed.
  • How is the plug type identified?
  • How will the pins be identified?
  • What type of algorithm are you using for the pin ID?
  • Have a blog diagram that clearly shows where all computations are taking place.

SimVolts plan to address most of these feedbacks by next QRB.