Final 4/23/21

This week BluePay delivered our Final Design Review presentation to American Express. We were so excited to show the sponsors our finished product and how far we`ve come from the beginning of the year. Based on the feedback that we… Read More


This week BluePay delivered our FDR peer review presentation and we got a lot of positive feedback. Majority of the audience thought that we did an outstanding job and could clearly understand the story of our project. We have spent… Read More


This week the team completed the project video draft and presented it to the class. We got a lot of good feedback and the changes that we have to make are minor. These changes include adding comments to the demo… Read More


On Sunday BluePay underwent the second round of customer testing on an older population. Just like the first trial with college aged students, BluePay had the participants fill out a pre-survey, undergo the study with our system, then fill out… Read More


This week BluePay attended the prototype inspection day 2 event! We met with 5 different groups of judges and presented our demo to them. The vast majority of the feedback that we received was positive. The concerns that a few… Read More


This week BluePay managed to finally complete our customer/participant study! We all met up on Saturday for the first time to set up our system and get participants to use our app. We ended up getting our study IRB approved… Read More


This week the team has worked towards completing the first prototype of our project. We have worked towards putting the finishing touches together on our app and integrating all of the separate components together. We have been working with the… Read More


This week BluePay has made tremendous strides to the completion of our first functioning prototype. The integration testing has gone better than expected and the system is nearly complete. We have also been trying to fine-tune the trilateration algorithm and… Read More


This week BluePay delivered our QRB2 presentation to a panel of coaches! We got a lot of good feedback from them and the most important piece of advice that we were given was to reassess our project schedule. We had… Read More


This week BluePay has worked hard to try and finish the survey questions and IRB application. The team has also worked on completing the other portions of the app by next week so that we can finally integrate our system… Read More


Similar to the last few weeks, BluePay has continued to work on our individual tasks. To save everyone time on scrolling to see what they are I`ll repeat them here. Our individual tasks are to work on the survey questions,… Read More


This week BluePay worked a lot on all of our individual tasks. These tasks include working on the IRB application, the survey questions and protocols, the trilateration algorithm, and coding our app design in Android Studios. BluePay is moving full… Read More


This week, BluePay attended our first Quality Review Board on Tuesday! We displayed and showed off everything that we have worked on so far in the project. We used videos to show our status on the design of the app,… Read More


This week BluePay has worked hard to make changes to the design of the app in order to meet all of the specifications given to us by our project liaison! Once we get his final approval, we will be able… Read More


Welcome back! After a much-needed break, BluePay is hard at work again. We have already established a weekly meeting time with both our team coach and our liaison for the semester. In these meetings, BluePay showed off the progress that… Read More

Ending the Semester: SLDR Event

This week BluePay presented the System Level Design Review (SLDR) to our AMEX sponsors and to all attending IPPD groups. We got very positive feedback as they were impressed with the work that we have accomplished this semester. Subsequently, we… Read More


This week BluePay delivered the SLDR peer review presentation to receive constructive criticism and feedback. We`ve taken the feedback and applied it to the SLDR presentation that we will give next week! We`ve also worked on the SLDR report and… Read More


This week BluePay delivered our Prototype Inspection Day presentation! It was a great learning experience as the sets of judges watched our video demo and gave us their feedback on the overall project. The key things we learned for the… Read More

11/13 Blog

This week BluePay has been working rigorously on our design report and prototype inspection day presentation! We have been putting the final pieces together on our prototype, including the connection between the POS backend and the app back end. We… Read More

Prototype Planning

This week, Team BluePay finally begun prototyping! After all the research we’ve done so far this semester, BluePay decided on which BLE beacons and Android device we will use for the prototype. We decided to purchase Google Pixel 3’s for… Read More

Preliminary Design Review Presentation

After weeks of preparations, BluePay presented the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) to our American Express liaisons on Tuesday this week. We met for several practice runs, where we made sure to incorporate all of the feedback we’ve gotten from both… Read More

Incorporating Feedback

Team BluePay spent most of this week presenting our product design and architecture so far to both our peers and our liaisons at American Express. We received a lot of feedback, which we will be implementing over the next few… Read More

A Month of Progress

Our team is officially one month into our project! So far, we’ve done a lot of research, a lot of planning, and a lot of documentation. One of the highlights from this week was having our first meeting with our… Read More

A beacon is a beacon is a beacon, right?

Our research from last week mostly focused on three aspects: BLE beacon, POS system, and how the mobile app can communicate with the two. And here we would like to talk about the secrets under BLE beacon technology. How BLE… Read More

Project Introduction

Team BluePay is excited to be working with American Express on a new app that will transform the way customers complete purchases in stores. This app will allow AMEX card members to pay merchants without ever taking out their wallet.… Read More