The 15 Best Free Online Web Presentation Software Tools for 2020

This week BluePay delivered our Prototype Inspection Day presentation! It was a great learning experience as the sets of judges watched our video demo and gave us their feedback on the overall project.

The key things we learned for the future was to mention how we plan to tackle security issues and to provide more diagrams to better show the purpose of the project. Overall, we got excellent feedback from the judges and it builds confidence for our project going into the spring semester!

In the next two weeks, we plan to learn how to use Figma, a user interface design tool. This will allow us to make the user interface of our app much more user friendly. We also plan to begin implementing the hardware pieces into our project because we finally received the Pixel 3 phone! BluePay will work on creating the SLDR presentation and report for after Thanksgiving. These are the last two major deliverables for the semester!.

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