This week BluePay attended the prototype inspection day 2 event! We met with 5 different groups of judges and presented our demo to them. The vast majority of the feedback that we received was positive. The concerns that a few of the judges had involved clearly demonstrating the full capabilities of the BLE beacons, being more clear about the security portion of the credit cards, and the visuals within the presentation. The judges were all convinced that we will be able to complete our project on time! 

During the week we have also continued to work on all of the IPPD deliverables along with the completion of our app. These deliverables include the FDR report, video, and poster. The large majority of our time is being spent on completing these tasks. 

Unable to complete it last weekend, BluePay will undergo the second round of customer testing in Tampa this weekend with an older population to see how different age groups view our app. We will continue to work on all of the IPPD deliverables and the completion of our app. We`re in the home stretch now!

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