Prototype Planning

This week, Team BluePay finally begun prototyping! After all the research we’ve done so far this semester, BluePay decided on which BLE beacons and Android device we will use for the prototype. We decided to purchase Google Pixel 3’s for app testing and Blue Charm iBeacons for BLE signaling.

Google Pixel 3

Each team member spent this week working on their assigned tasks for this sprint. The team decided we should prioritize the development of the app and the BLE signals because these components are most important to prototype. The app is the main focus of the project, so having a functioning app with plans for improved UI design is the first step to a successful prototype. We can already successfully parse simulated BLE signals, so our prototype will include this simulated parsing. Integration of the POS front-end and back-end will occur after the app has a basic functionality.

Next week, the team will be continuing development for the prototype, in addition to preparing our prototype presentation and submitting a design report. Since we are focusing on simulating the Bluetooth signals and Android app for the prototype, we are waiting until after the prototype is presented to integrate the hardware that we ordered this week.

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