This week BluePay worked a lot on all of our individual tasks. These tasks include working on the IRB application, the survey questions and protocols, the trilateration algorithm, and coding our app design in Android Studios. BluePay is moving full steam ahead with all of these tasks still as this makes up the bulk of the remaining work. This past weekend, all members of the team completed their IRB training in order to be able to oversee the consumer trial study that we wish to undergo. 

Next week will be a lot more of the same when it comes to the overall workload. We are all working hard towards our individual tasks. Next week we will buy 3 more BLE beacons and Pixel 3 smartphone to be used in the Gainesville trials. In the next few weeks, we plan to start chipping away at the FDR outline assignment because we know how much work writing these reports can be. The Gantt chart included in this post shows BluePay`s upcoming schedule and we look forward to finally being able to put everything together!

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