This week BluePay delivered our FDR peer review presentation and we got a lot of positive feedback. Majority of the audience thought that we did an outstanding job and could clearly understand the story of our project. We have spent a lot of our time working on the FDR report and final deliverables before the FDR event on Tuesday. We are so excited to show AMEX and all other attendees our project and what we have been able to accomplish over the past eight months.

Within this blog post, BluePay`s final poster and final video is included. They both display the story of BluePay`s project but through different mediums. On the left hand side of the poster, the problem statement, methods, and results can be found. The team was tasked by AMEX to develop an app that allows customers to conduct transactions without having to take out their wallet in order to improve customer experience. To accomplish this, we employed the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to conduct the transaction from a distance. To test the success of our project, we ran participant trials where the participants were given a Pixel 3 smartphone with our app pre-installed and were asked to undergo our system.

The participants were also given pre and post-survey questions that asked them how much they agreed with the written statement based on the scale provided to them. The results of the trials showed that all participants agreed in some capacity that our app is easy to use, the process was fast, they felt safe in regards to COVID-19 with our app, and that they would prefer using our app over physical credit cards.

The middle of the poster displays the main accomplishment of the project and also contains a QR code to our blogs. The right hand side of the poster displays additional information of the project. . It takes 1.46 seconds for the customer to be notified that a BLE beacon has been found when they enter the signal range. It takes 1.5 seconds for the customers name to appear on the point of sale system from when the customer enters the signal range. It takes .85 seconds for the point of sale system to confirm the transaction after the customer has paid. The QR code contains a link that takes viewers to a YouTube video of our project demo. The last bit of information shows that BluePay was far under budget and saved money.

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