Final 4/23/21

This week BluePay delivered our Final Design Review presentation to American Express. We were so excited to show the sponsors our finished product and how far we`ve come from the beginning of the year. Based on the feedback that we received, the sponsors loved it! They were really impressed with our app design and the overall feedback that we received from our participants. The team was really happy with how AMEX reacted!

After the event, we reminded our sponsors that we needed them to read over and sign our reports and we can now confirm that they have done so. There are only a few things left to finalize but the course is effectively over once we have our end-of-year meeting with the IPPD director. This has been an incredible learning experience for BluePay and we appreciate all of the support and resources along the way. We have gained and learned so much throughout the project. Thank you IPPD, AMEX liaisons, and our team coach for helping us out and providing us with an incredible opportunity to showcase our engineering skills!

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