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This week BluePay has been working rigorously on our design report and prototype inspection day presentation! We have been putting the final pieces together on our prototype, including the connection between the POS backend and the app back end. We have decided to go with a presentation of the work that BluePay has worked on since giving the PDR presentation. Within our PowerPoint, we will show short clips of the app running on an emulator and of the POS system communicating with the app. We can also show the connection made between the emulator and a dummy beacon. Prototype inspection day is on Tuesday next week and we can’t wait to show everyone what we have worked on so far and to receive feedback. After prototype inspection day, BluePay will meet with a Figma tutor next week in order to better understand how to design a friendly user interface. The last major report left for the semester is the SLDR report in December and a major section of it has already been written with the writing of the design report! We will continue to use SCRUM project management and the completion status of the project should be in good shape by the time we reach winter break!

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