Ending the Semester: SLDR Event

This week BluePay presented the System Level Design Review (SLDR) to our AMEX sponsors and to all attending IPPD groups. We got very positive feedback as they were impressed with the work that we have accomplished this semester. Subsequently, we have sent the sponsors our SLDR report and they have given us their approval by signing it!

BluePay presenting the SLDR to AMEX sponsors and IPPD classmates

The SLDR event was the last major event of the semester and we can’t believe that its already over. The semester has flown by but BluePay was able to accomplish and learn a lot! This semester has been rewarding for all of us and we can’t wait to continue in Spring. In the coming months, we will design the user interface of the app on Figma and will begin implementing our trilateration algorithm into a real system. A screenshot of the SLDR event can be seen here. We’ll see everyone again in January!

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