This week BluePay delivered our QRB2 presentation to a panel of coaches! We got a lot of good feedback from them and the most important piece of advice that we were given was to reassess our project schedule. We had planned to finish the coding of the app and the corresponding testing by the end of the week. However, we were informed by the committee that based on the progress that we had made, this was highly unlikely to finish both. So taking the committee`s advice into mind, the team met and addressed their concerns and changed things around in the project schedule that works for everyone without delaying the project!

Next week BluePay will work incredibly hard to finish the coding of the app and to integrate all of the components of the project together. We plan to have the integration complete by March 7th. Once this is finished, we can finally undergo our customer trials and get participant feedback on our system! We plan to have the first round of evaluations and data analysis completed by March 17th, just in time for prototype inspection day!

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