Similar to the last few weeks, BluePay has continued to work on our individual tasks. To save everyone time on scrolling to see what they are I`ll repeat them here. Our individual tasks are to work on the survey questions, work on getting the IRB application approved, work on the trilateration algorithm of the three BLE beacons, and to code the app on Android Studios. We`re about to finish wrapping up work on the survey questions and IRB application. A lot of focus is being put into the coding of the app! This week we also ordered more BLE beacons and another Pixel 3 smartphone to do testing in Gainesville too!

In less than two weeks, BluePay will present our QRB2 presentation. We still have some work to do before that point, however. We have to fill out our product testing form and update all of our prototype videos and slides. After the QRB2 we`ll be conducting our customer trials and working on our FDR report outline! We`re making great strides towards the completion of the project. 

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