This week BluePay has made tremendous strides to the completion of our first functioning prototype. The integration testing has gone better than expected and the system is nearly complete. We have also been trying to fine-tune the trilateration algorithm and find a way to pinpoint the customer’s location. Once a few more functions of the app are complete, BluePay will be able to undergo customer trials. We have also worked on fixing any requests to the IRB application that the reviewer has left us, along with submitting our UF Research Resumption COVID form.

We plan to undergo the customer trials at the end of next week. The team will meet, set up our system, and have our participants use our system where they will fill out pre and post-surveys to gauge their opinion. This is what our project has been leading up to and we`re excited to show off our work to our participants! We can`t wait to see how they feel about our system! We will continue to work on the FDR report outline and the storytelling video in the next few weeks.

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