Fall Semester

Gator Waves – Week of Nov. 15th

This week was centered around the Prototype Inspection Day event held on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 16th. On Sunday of the previous week, the team met to collect data on the timing precision and stress wave propagation in preparation… Read More

Gator Waves – Week of Nov. 8th

This week, Gator Waves continued the manufacturing and assembly of a prototype in preparation for November 16th. The mechanical engineers manufactured the brass bushings, and the 3D printing of the housing was completed. The electrical engineers met to set up… Read More

Gator Waves – Week of Nov. 1st

After gaining approval for manufacturing from our liaison last week, Gator Waves utilized this week to turn our focus to working on the prototype. The mechanical engineers of the team spent time on Thursday manufacturing components such as the bushings,… Read More

Gator Waves – Week of Oct. 25th

This week, Gator Waves moved forward with working on the development of a prototype. We met with our coach Dr. van Oostrom in order to discuss our progress on the design, as well as to discuss scheduling for one on… Read More

Gator Waves – Week of Oct. 18th

Our team mainly focused on the Preliminary Design Review this week. The event was scheduled for 2:00 PM on Wednesday, October 20th, and so leading up to the presentation, we spent time revising our report, making adjustments to our slide… Read More

Gator Waves – Week of Oct. 11th

This week, our team focused on preparing for the PDR peer review. After completing our report and presentation slides, we sought feedback from our coach and practiced together. On Tuesday, we presented our PDR to three other teams (Addtronics, SimpliciTea,… Read More

Gator Waves – Week of Oct. 4th

Last Friday (10/1), our team was able to visit LDRAM. Unfortunately, the demonstration that was planned was experiencing some technical problems, but we were still able to speak with Dr. Subhash’s PhD students and learn more about the research performed in his lab, as… Read More

Gator Waves – Week of Sept. 27th

To start off the week, we met as a team on Monday to finalize our initial Gantt chart and continue to discuss design options. Hunter was able to bring in a strain gauge and titanium bar from a previous course… Read More

Gator Waves – Week of Sept. 20th

This past Sunday, we met as a team to further discuss possible designs and carry out some relevant calculations as requested by our liaison Dr. Subhash. Marissa created some pertinent diagrams to present to our liaison as well. In class on Tuesday, we had our… Read More

Gator Waves – Week of Sept. 13th

On Monday, we met as a team to complete our interactions model and discuss our plans for the week. In class on Tuesday, we presented our logo and project pitch to the class and received feedback that we will be… Read More

Gator Waves – Week of Sept. 6th

This week, our team began to further consider the stakeholders and requirements of our project. We scheduled an additional meeting with our LDRAM liaison, Dr. Subhash, in order to ensure that we were on track with understanding our project. On… Read More

Getting Started with Gator Waves

This week, Team 6 has become team Gator Waves. We are a group of four mechanical engineers and two electrical engineers, and we are excited to be working with Dr. Subhash and the LDRAM for these next two semesters.   After… Read More