Gator Waves – Week of Sept. 20th

An updated version of the Gator Waves logo

This past Sunday, we met as a team to further discuss possible designs and carry out some relevant calculations as requested by our liaison Dr. Subhash. Marissa created some pertinent diagrams to present to our liaison as well. In class on Tuesday, we had our professional headshots taken and were given advice regarding the upcoming career fair. After class, we met with our coach Dr. van Oostrom to discuss our progress in designing the switchbox. 

On Wednesday, we met with our liaison Dr. Subhash and presented the work we completed on Sunday. He gave us important feedback on our calculations and progress. Moving forward we will be focusing on a Gantt chart to better understand our project timeline. We will also be focusing on making design decisions to ensure that we remain on track. To achieve this, we held team meetings on Thursday and Friday of this week. Also, Mark was able to get us an updated version of our logo, as pictured above. 

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