Gator Waves – Week of Oct. 4th

A short clip of Ian testing a solenoid

Last Friday (10/1), our team was able to visit LDRAM. Unfortunately, the demonstration that was planned was experiencing some technical problems, but we were still able to speak with Dr. Subhash’s PhD students and learn more about the research performed in his lab, as well as what resources will be available to us from our sponsor. 

Over the weekend, we divided up the preliminary system architecture work to effectively complete a schematic, 3D model, and interactions table. We received feedback from our coach on our work and discussed it in more detail during our weekly Tuesday meeting. During that meeting, we also spoke with Dr. van Oostrom about our progress with our prototype, as well as our plans moving forward. On Wednesday we met with our liaison Dr. Subhash and discussed design options, some solenoid calculations that were made, and our plans for the PDR presentation. 

We also made progress with developing our prototype this week. Hunter was able to 3D print the shell of our solenoid, and we also received an order for insulated copper wire. This Friday, our team met to continue working on the PDR as well as the prototype. We were able to successfully move a nail within our preliminary solenoid, which can be seen in the video above. 

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