Gator Waves – Week of Oct. 18th

A screenshot taken during our PDR event on Wednesday

Our team mainly focused on the Preliminary Design Review this week. The event was scheduled for 2:00 PM on Wednesday, October 20th, and so leading up to the presentation, we spent time revising our report, making adjustments to our slide deck, and practicing our delivery. Additionally, on Monday the mechanical engineers of the team met to discuss the housing for the prototype and work on the 3D model.

On Wednesday morning, we had our weekly meeting with our liaison Dr. Subhash. We presented the 3D model of the prototype, as well as some of the solenoid equations and the control system model. We received feedback from him and our coach Dr. van Oostrom on some aspects of how we conduct our meetings. Moving forward, we will be making sure to be more thorough in our explanations and preparation, such as making sure to include units for all of our figures and equations.

Then on Wednesday afternoon, we held our PDR event. Our liaison Dr. Subhash, our coach Dr. van Oostrom, and the IPPD director Dr. Latorre-Navarro were in attendance. After presenting our preliminary design, we received questions and helpful feedback. Most notably, Dr. Subhash requested a bill of materials, and so moving forward Gator Waves will be sure to keep a more detailed record of purchases. After the presentation, we sent out a feedback memo explaining how we intend to act on the comments that we received. Moving forward, our team will be turning our focus to the design and assembly of our prototype.

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