Gator Waves – Week of Sept. 13th

Our Q&A session with Dr. Subhash

On Monday, we met as a team to complete our interactions model and discuss our plans for the week. In class on Tuesday, we presented our logo and project pitch to the class and received feedback that we will be incorporating moving forward. We also began to brainstorm different designs for aspects of the mechanical switchbox. After discussing a variety of sub-functions and customer requirements, we each individually drew a basic diagram of the switchbox. This revealed the differences in how we all conceptualized the device.

Using the design exercises we completed in class as a jumping off point, on Wednesday we had a Q&A session with our liaison Dr. Subhash to better understand some of the design constraints and expectations from our sponsor. Since the meeting, we have been delving into further research of certain design aspects of the switchbox, such as the solenoid. We are also in the process of making some calculations regarding the striker rods to present to Dr. Subhash at next week’s meeting.

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