TBW 2023

Our 2023 Team Building Workshop (TBW) was held on September 30th at Reitz Union. Our students had a great time collaborating with their teams in this training. Thanks to Florida Power Light for sponsoring our event!

TBW 2022

The IPPD Team Building Workshop (TBW) is held in September 2022, to provide teams with two goals: a fun engineering event to help them get to know each other better in a team engineering training and competition event, and, thanks to our sponsor Florida Power Light, obtain a White Belt Six Sigma Quality certification.

FDR 2023

Final Design Review 2023 was a huge success! We appreciate all the hard work each student contributed to IPPD over the past year.

FDR 2022

IPPD hosted its Final Design Review in April 2022 at the J. Wayne Reitz Union Auditorium. Students networked with industry leaders and presented their projects!

Team Easy Money presented their DrivePay project, which was sponsored by American Express.
Ori Fortune, a member of team SimpliciTea, presenting a portion of their project with Newell Brands.
Team Gearware presented their project, which was sponsored by Fanatics.

Our students have engaged with professionals from different specialties as part of IPPD Guest Speakers Series. Below are a few of the guest speakers that have visited the class.

2023 Fall Professional Development Workshops

The Professional Development Workshops were held successfully on October 24, 2023. Our students learned about success tips for new engineers. They engaged in group activities to develop divergent thinking and emphatic listening skills. Thanks to our guest speakers: Dr. Manuel Bermudez, Julianne Souza, Tim Ortiz, Dr. Elif Akçali, and Mark Sanders!

2023 Fall Guest Speakers

On October 2, 2023, our class had an Elevator Pitch Workshop with Dr. Lawrence Tinker from the Engineering Innovation Institute. Each team pitched their project ideas and topic. They received useful feedback from their peers and Dr. Lawrence. Great job!

On Tuesday’s IPPD class, Oct 31, 2023, we had a guest speaker Ian Baldwin, Director of Services, from Infotech Inc. He gave students a meaningful lecture about emotional intelligence.

SLDR 2023

IPPD’s System Level Design Review was a huge success! Thanks to all the coaches, sponsors, and keynote speaker Quang! Our teams had an amazing time to chat with sponsors and did a great job in the project presentations. Go Gators!

SLDR 2022

IPPD’s class of 2022-2023 completed its System Level Design Review in December. Students presented the designs for their projects and received feedback from industry leaders, sponsors and faculty coaches.

Team Evapogator’s Ryan Pytosh presenting some of his team’s work at SLDR.
Some members of three different IPPD teams in one picture!
Members of team ReptileRepo during their SLDR presentation.
Julian Agudelo, a member of team H2Flow, presenting at SLDR.