All done! (4/23/21)

We did it! We presented our FDR presentation and we think that it went really well. We practiced our presentation quite thoroughly, and got some last minute feedback before presenting. All in all, the whole FDR event was very fun… Read More

Preparing for the FDR (4/16/21)

The team has been hard at work at finalizing the poster, video, FDR report, and FDR presentation. Each team member has taken on different roles for each part, and we have been gradually joining everything together. This week we completed… Read More

Nearing the end! (4/9/21)

The main highlight of this past week was that we have officially deployed our app! With it we included a user manual describing what features our app has as well as a survey to get the user’s feedback. We shared… Read More

Deploying the application (3/26/21)

This week we presented our prototype to a group of IPPD faculty. We incorporated the feedback we got last week from the students in preparation for this presentation. This including having both a prerecorded and live demo of the application.… Read More

Finishing the prototype (3/12/21)

This week we created a presentation to show to members of Freedom Scientific to update them on the progress of the project. We were quite excited to show off our image processing algorithm in action. The presentation went quite well,… Read More

Getting the app all together! (3/5/21)

We are nearing the end of initial development for the complete app. The pieces are starting to be finalized and many of the components are starting to get integrated. The image processing algorithm is complete functionality-wise, but requires a few… Read More

Interpreting radar information (2/19/21)

The team has been actively fleshing out the radar data interpretation algorithm. We’ve made some decent strides in processing radar images. For one, we’ve been able to eliminate noise and only study the key weather events on the radar image.… Read More