Preparing for deployment and user testing (3/19/21)

This week was quite a useful week for us. We had our practice prototype demo in front of other students in IPPD, and we received some useful feedback and criticisms about our project. It helped to have members of theh audience that do not have professional experience in the field of study so that we could get another perseptive on our project. It also helped to have a bigger audience during this presentation than we usually do presented to faculty and staff of IPPD. The feedback we got was more diverse and covered parts of our project that normally do not get too much acknowledgement. We are already working towards implementing this feedback and improving both our project and presentation.

We are now preparing for the prototype demo in front of IPPD faculty and staff this upcoming week. We are feeling quite confident in our project and are very excited to show it off. We are adding the last few major features to our project to fully flesh out the vision we had in mind from the beginning. We are perfected the image processing algorithm, improving the UI, and adding some quality of life settings and design elements so that it looks more complete. We are going to have these features implemented by Tuesday to show off in our presentation. After that, we are going to be ready to make some last minor tweaks, and then deploy it. Freedom Scientific already has a list of a few people in the blind and low-vision community who are eager to test out the app.

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