Meet This Team

Meet This Team

Elizaveta Vlasova

Elizaveta is a fourth-year computer science student with a minor in mathematics at the University of Florida. Recently, she completed an internship at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. During the internship, Elizaveta learned ECL, the proprietary language used by LexisNexis Risk Solutions for interacting with their extensive databases. She updated and optimized legacy code to a new design format created by her mentor. Elizaveta improved a massive codebase and reduced dependencies, leading to decreases in job runtime and improving the codebase for future users. Her interests are in big data and database operations, as well as performance. While at UF, Elizaveta has been a part of Women in Computer Science and Engineering, Society of Software Developers, and the UF Programming Team Club.

Alexander ‘Zander’ Krasny

Zander is a 4th year student studying Computer Science at the University of Florida. In Spring 2021, he will graduate with a minor in Digital Arts and Sciences from the Digital Worlds Institute at the University of Florida. Throughout his schooling, he has worked on a variety of projects that have given him experience creating software with a team of developers. He has developed small games that help combine his programming skills, and artistic inclinations. He has also served as a freelance web developer for local businesses, helping to improve outdated websites.

Alejandro Lopez

Alejandro is a fourth year double major in Computer Science and Mathematics, with a minor in Linguistics at the University of Florida. Over his four years he has held two internships where he worked in a team to develop the company’s web application, and he designed a program that competitively prices the company’s products by factoring in competitor’s pricings. Alejandro’s interests lie in Natural Language Processing and computational linguistics. He has been working with a former professor to continue a project that trains a language model to eliminate racial bias in its perception of English text. He had the abstract for this project published in the Linguistic Society of America.

Sarah Wheeler

Sarah Wheeler is a fourth year computer science student with a minor in chemistry studying at the University of Florida. This past summer she held a software engineering internship with Amazon, during which she created a backend request handler for an AWS tool. Prior to last summer, Sarah worked in two UF chemistry labs, one that focused on organometallic chemistry and one that specialized in polymer chemistry. During her time at UF, Sarah has also been an active member of GRIP (Generational Relief in Prosthetics), a club that designs and manufactures adaptive controllers and toys for children with upper limb disabilities.