User testing and working on FDR (4/2/21)

We are nearing the end of this project. This week we started drafting our project poster that will be used in the FDR event. In tandem, we’ve also started drafting a storyboard for our video. This video is crucial in conveying the goal, evolution, and outcome of this project to people who are unfamiliar. We are making sure that the video flows well, addresses all major topics, and is explained well enough that a completely unfamiliar viewer will be able to understand the problems that come with designing weather apps for blind and low-vision people, as well as how we went about solving them. Along with this, we are beginning to draft the FDR itself. We have begun delegating different sections to each member of our team and we will compile the sections together as they are developed.

On the project side, we’ve been ironing out some of the bugs that the app has when running on Android devices. Some parts of the app don’t display properly when renderied on the Android device, and there are a few functions that we were using that are supported on Android. We’ve replaced these functions with equivalent ones, and we’ve modified the UI so that it is consistent across mobile OS’. The app is almost completely in a functional and deployable state.

In the next day or two, we well finish drafting a user manual and user experience survey to be sent out alongside the application. These three components will be sent to our liaison to be distributed out to blind and low-vision people for hands-on testing. The user manual will inform the users how the application can be used and what functionality comes with it. The survey will gather data on problems the users are facing when using it, and any recommendations they may have for improvements. As this feedback comes to us we will immediatly incorporate their suggestions and improve the app.

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