Nearing the end! (4/9/21)

The main highlight of this past week was that we have officially deployed our app! With it we included a user manual describing what features our app has as well as a survey to get the user’s feedback. We shared the app for Android users using Expo Client, and for iOS users we used Testflight. Testflight has a useful feature of allowing the user to send screenshots back to the developers of the app of any bugs or issues found. We’ve sent these document to our liaison, and he has already forwarded these to blind and low-vision people. We are expected to have our first results in the coming days. We will immediately take the feedback into consideration and work to resolve the issues. We are all very excited to see what members of the blind and low-vision community think about our app, and we hope that it can be useful to them.

Other than that, we are currently drafting our FDR report. We’ve delegated the sections of the FDR to everyone in the team. As we complete our sections, we’ll combine it with everything else we’ve written and revise it as we go.

Finally, this week we also created our initial video to pitch our project. We are really happy with the way it turned out, and we received a lot of good comments when we presented to the rest of the program. There are a few things that could use some tweaking, and we are going to continue to improve it before our final video. Our next steps are to finish writing the FDR, continue to improve the app, and tweak our poster and videos. Then comes the FDR event!

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