Finishing the prototype (3/12/21)

This week we created a presentation to show to members of Freedom Scientific to update them on the progress of the project. We were quite excited to show off our image processing algorithm in action. The presentation went quite well, and we got tons of feedback on how to perfect it. They were impressed with the progress we’ve made, but they offered some noteworthy critiques to continue to perfect the app. We are going to incorporate all of this feedback for our eventual comprehensive presentation to them at the end of the semester.

Since then, we’ve been focusing on testing the components we’ve finished. We are constructing multiple unit tests and integration tests in parallel. We want the eventual prototype built to be as functional and bug-free as possible. Furthermore, we are continuing to add more settings to the settings screen, and we are going to begin revamping the UI. This is so that it is as accessible as possible. Finally, we are continuing to tweak the radar screen and how we are going to word the radar data is so that it is succint but informative. We are going to consult some meteorologists for advice on the best way to word the data.

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