Preparing for the FDR (4/16/21)

The team has been hard at work at finalizing the poster, video, FDR report, and FDR presentation. Each team member has taken on different roles for each part, and we have been gradually joining everything together. This week we completed our draft for the FDR, and have already received feedback from our coach on things to improve. We are currently incorporating those changes. Furthermore, we have begun receiving feedback for the poster and we are also updating that as well. We are going to continue to improve each of these deliverables as we receive more feedback.

This week we also presented our FDR presentation to our peers. This went well, and the audience mainly enjoyed the presentation. Just like other peer-review presentations, we received feedback from everyone and we will incorporate their comments to improve our presentation for the final presentation. Moreover, we’ve also been improving the application and making last minute changes before we are finished. We are receiving great feedback from the users who have been testing our app, and it has allowed the application to improve significantly.

Next week is our final FDR presentation. The team is very eager to show off all the work that we have done for the last two semesters. We are quite proud of our project, and we look forward to showing it off to everyone.

Project video:

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