FDR Event

This week the team NeuroMediSim presented our Final Design Review (FDR) presentation to our coach, the sponsor, and the rest of the IPPD faculty and members. The presentation was mainly focused on the system architecture, prototype demo, testing plans, and… Read More

Posters & video

The team is currently working on finilizing the poster and video which will be displayed or played during the Final Design Review event. For the poster, we are working on analyzing our test results so that we can include them… Read More

Prototype Progress

As we apparch the second prototype inspection day, our team is working actively on puting together our working prototype for the demo. We have successfully set up the pipeline for converting the motion capture data into animation. We have also… Read More

The True Power of Motion Capture

We mentioned couple weeks ago that our team and sponsor “accidentally” found out that we have access to a true motion capture setup using the Vicon system. After weeks of experimenting and testing, we are now producing animation captured with… Read More

QRB 2 And More

This week, our team delivered our presentation for the second Qualification Review Board event. For this presentation, we focused on updating the current status of the project as well as the team’s plan for the next steps, including the development… Read More

A Pleasant Surprise

This week, as the team is actively working on the development of our system, we discovered a pleasant suprise when working with our sponsor Dr. Parrish Winesett that could possibly improve the animation quality of our system by a great… Read More


This week, the team attended the first qualification review board of the semester. We presented our current progress on the project and the team’s plan in the future to the panel of Dr. Karl Gugel, Dr. Philip Jackson, Dr. Jorg… Read More

End of The First Chapter: SLDR Event

On Tuesday, December 8th, we had the final event and another milestone for the team, the System Level Design Review, to finish off the first semester in the IPPD program. The team presented our progress for the project over the… Read More

Milestone: Prototype Inspection Day

On Nov 17th, 2020, the team reached another milestone: the Prototype Inspection Day (PID). During the event, we presented the early stage prototype of the two main component of our project: animation and user interface. Meet Nathan For the animation… Read More

The Chosen one

Motion Capture is the key to our entire project. Without a major game studio budget and equipment, the team decided to use the Intel RealSense Depth Camera as our main weapon to realize motion capture after exploring all available options.… Read More