QRB 2 And More

This week, our team delivered our presentation for the second Qualification Review Board event. For this presentation, we focused on updating the current status of the project as well as the team’s plan for the next steps, including the development and testing plan. We received valuable feedback from the review committee. We were glad to know that the committee believed that we are on the right track to deliver the final system. One suggestion we received is to include a demo or prototype for our current system and the team has been working on this subject since the event and are confident to have it for future presentations.

Another exciting news comes from our sponsor. While the team is focusing on the development of our system using our current data, Dr.Parrish Winsett finished the initial test on the Vicon Nexus Mocap system and has provided some raw data for the team.

Mocap with marker

We are currently working on analyzing and processing the data we received and hopefully these data can greatly improve the quality of our animation.

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