Pythax FDR Poster

The past several months have been momentous; Raytheon Technologies commissioned the IPPD program to come up with a team who could improve a Capture The Flag platform used in their cybersecurity training programs. IPPD rose to the occasion, and assembled… Read More

Pythax Final Promo Video

It’s been a long and fruitful year, and as Pythax is finally nearing the end of the IPPD2 semester it’s about time to showcase our work! Here’s a video to catch you up to speed on the Hacker Jeopardy project–what… Read More


This week, Pythax was able to finally host a CTF competition using the updated platform with all the changes that the team has been hard at work implementing this semester. As per last week’s post, this competition was run using… Read More

Meeting With Dr. Williams

This week, Pythax had the chance to speak with Dr. Byron Williams, who teaches software security. The team plans to host its second CTF using students from Dr. Williams’ class as test users.  Diego and Tyler have developed a set… Read More


When developing a project, critical feedback is one of the most valuable things a team can hope for. This is the intention of a quality review board (QRB), to identify what elements of a project need work before it’s too… Read More

Shifting Gears

This project has been interesting in that the team has entered many different phases of work. The various stages of the typical development cycle supplemented by large amounts of documentation mean that Pythax members have been able to wear many… Read More

Planning More CTFs

As the semester moves along at a brisk pace, Pythax is moving from their development phase into a testing cycle. A big part of these tests include user testing, which requires real people using the platform to ascertain how tasks… Read More


After the Quality Review Board (QRB1) presentation, Pythax got some valuable feedback from the panel of faculty judges.  The first piece of feedback that the team received was regarding the questionnaire that was given to participants in the initial CTF… Read More

Preparing for QRB1

The first presentation of the spring semester is coming up: the Quality Review Board 1 (QRB1) The purpose of this presentation is for Pythax to gauge their progress in the first couple of weeks, and assess their plans for the… Read More