Prototype Inspection Day – Spring 2021 IPPD2

This week was busy! On top of completing CTF2, Pythax also presented the current state of their project to several panels of judges during Prototype Inspection Day (PID). This was an opportunity to receive feedback from UF faculty on the UI and UX implementations, as well as our testing plans, results, and feature additions. 

Most of the feedback received was positive, the judges seemed to be very pleased with the UI and testing plans, for the most part. A common criticism regarding the UX was that the admin tables didn’t seem to accomplish their intended goal of being more readable, as they still had transparency which lowered the contrast with the background, making text hard to pick out. Another commonality between judges’ feedback was that the admin features need to be tested. This makes a lot of sense, but was something that the team hadn’t included in their plans because the users in test CTFs can’t act as administrators when they’re answering questions for a course grade or extra credit. A suggestion was made to have smaller groups of peers try to complete certain tasks using the full suite of admin features, to see how a human would interact with the platform from that perspective. Pythax will be adding this to their testing plans.

The original admin tables, 100% transparent & hard to read in places
The admin tables from PID, still hard to read despite slight opacity increase
The new admin tables, 100% opaque and perfectly readable

Aside from the above criticisms, the team was asked to provide more analytics and data from the user feedback forms, instead of one number representing user satisfaction which seems arbitrary. This is a serious area for potential improvement to the team’s pitch. 

The final presentations are on the near horizon for IPPD2, and team Pythax is going to be prepared, thanks to all the judges who gave valuable feedback!

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