Planning More CTFs

As the semester moves along at a brisk pace, Pythax is moving from their development phase into a testing cycle. A big part of these tests include user testing, which requires real people using the platform to ascertain how tasks are being performed and whether the UI is intuitive enough. 

In order to conduct some user tests of the platform from the perspective of a player/team in the game, Pythax is planning to schedule and run 2 more CTF competitions on top of the 1 already completed. The survey from the initial CTF was a weak point on the team’s QRB feedback, so the questionnaire is being modified in order to reflect the users’ experience more accurately. 

Currently Pythax is in contact with 2 UF CISE professors who are teaching security courses, ready to let Pythax use their classes as test subjects. The team will be working diligently over the next few weeks to develop a full range of new challenges and questions to cater the CTF’s content to the curriculum of these 2 UF courses.

Pythax has also spoken with Raytheon Technologies regarding the potentiality of running a CTF with their employees in the next couple months. This CTF, if timed properly, could be extremely beneficial to the team for gaining user feedback from the perspective of a game administrator. This role is usually filled by Pythax members during the CTFs run on UF classes, but a lot of new features have been added for the admin so it would be useful to see if these improve the experience or make it worse.

Question Analytics displayed in a chart, one of the new features for admin which could be tested in a CTF with RTX.

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