After the Quality Review Board (QRB1) presentation, Pythax got some valuable feedback from the panel of faculty judges. 

The first piece of feedback that the team received was regarding the questionnaire that was given to participants in the initial CTF trial-run. The questionnaire was intended to gauge the users’ experience (UX) as they interacted with the platform. The judge panel pointed out that there were some flaws with the questionnaire, namely that the questions themselves weren’t specific or quantitative enough. They also seemed slightly disappointed in the number of responses that had been received. Future CTF’s that Pythax runs will definitely focus more on making the questionnaire a more reliable source of information.

Secondly, the panel was concerned about Pythax’s means of testing and measuring their success for various tasks. The tests simply need to be more specific to indicate whether something has truly been fixed, improved, implemented, or otherwise completed.

Beyond this, the only criticisms the team received were regarding the language used to talk about certain aspects of the project. For example, in future presentations the team will need to clarify further how the CTF is conducted each time around. 

This feedback was extremely valuable and Pythax will benefit from improving on the areas that were pointed out to be vulnerabilities. The good news is that the schedule and progress of actual feature implementation was not put under any real scrutiny, so until the team needs to run another CTF, business as usual!

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