Meet The Team!

Meet The Team!

Sponsor – Raytheon Technologies

Faculty Coach – Richard Newman, Ph.D.

Team Members:

Tyler Allen

Tyler Allen is a senior computer science student at the University of Florida. He is currently a research assistant in the Engineering Education department where he studies the effects of gamification on education. Tyler is excited to learn more about his research area while working on this project with his teammates.

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Diego Coviella

Diego Coviella is a senior Computer Science student at the University of Florida. He is currently working as a Software Developer Director for UF’s chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. His favorite extracurricular activities are traveling, practicing martial arts, and exploring the ocean.

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Harry Deffebach

Harry Deffebach is a senior Computer Science student. He has focused on networking, security and is interested in functional programming. Outside of school Harry enjoys scuba diving, wakeboarding, and hiking.

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Boyd Duffie

Boyd Duffie is a Computer Science senior at UF, minoring in Innovation. He has a passion for combining art with logic, and spends most of his work time on front-end development and web design. Always looking for something new, Boyd keeps his hands busy with graphic design, songwriting, and reading sci-fi/fantasy novels.

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