Meeting With Dr. Williams

This week, Pythax had the chance to speak with Dr. Byron Williams, who teaches software security. The team plans to host its second CTF using students from Dr. Williams’ class as test users. 

Diego and Tyler have developed a set of new questions for the game which align more closely with the software security curriculum, and Dr. Williams seemed very pleased with the content that is going to be covered. 

After completing the CTF, students will be asked to fill out a quick survey on their experience with the platform. This survey has been updated since the previous CTF in order to gain more quantitative feedback. Students will be allowed to make teams of up to 4 people each to collaboratively attempt challenges. Their overall performance, measured by their team’s score at the end of the CTF, will be used to assist their course grades.

The CTF is scheduled for the beginning of next week, and team Pythax cannot wait to see what users think of the new platform!

OWASP Juice Shop was a tool used for generating some of the new question and challenge content for CTF2, allowing users to complete challenges by attacking an actual site without putting the CTF platform itself in jeopardy (pun intended).

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