Final Design Review

Team Power House is proud to announce the completion of our autonomous robot rocking station project! On Tuesday, we presented our Final Design Review presentation where we were able to explain our solution to FPL, IPPD staff and students, and… Read More

Final Poster

Team Power House is very excited to share our final poster. This will be presented during the Final Design Review along with video and live demos. This poster summarizes our project in a nutshell.

Now Starring . . . THOR!

From the green (uhhh blue?) screen to the theaters of the Reitz Union, our THOR is going to be a star! This week, Hadrien and Katie have been working hard in the IPPD studio capturing clips of our project while… Read More

Redirecting our Energy

Since most of our physical prototype is completed and working, we’ve been spending a lot of time this week working on all of our other deliverables. In addition to the prototype, we need to turn in a multi-volume final design… Read More

Prototype Inspection Day

On Tuesday, March 23, 2021, Team Power House had the opportunity to show off and present our current prototype. There were some technical difficulties at first with the presentation setup but after they were fixed, the presentations went very well.… Read More

Practice Makes Perfect

The team has begun preparing for our second prototype inspection day which included a peer review presentation! Our first in-person presentation went well, and we received valuable feedback for the actual prototype inspection day and for presentations in the future.… Read More

Putting The Pieces Together

The team is working hard to build a functioning prototype for our prototype day presentations. We have been focusing on integrating all of our subsystems together. In order to have a complete system, our subsystems need to be able to… Read More

All Hands On Deck

Team PowerHouse is in full swing with beginning system integration within all subteams! For the first time, the team had all six members working together in the lab. The Charging team made a huge breakthrough with successful tests of their… Read More

QRB 2 Updates

We’ve made it to our second major milestone of the semester – Qualitative Review Board #2. The team presented to a group of coaches a brief presentation on our testing plan and updates from the semester.   The main criticism was that we… Read More