Month: October 2020

Preliminary Design Report

After two weeks of intensive preparation, we finally gave both our Preliminary Design Report and the respective presentation to the FPL liaisons. The PDR was a 53-page culmination of our ideas, research, and individual contributions over the last 8 weeks. In… Read More

Concept Generation

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been taking what we developed from the brainstorming phase and creating concepts for our project. We used a virtual whiteboard to draw our concepts and had a lot of fun coming up with creative… Read More

An Inspirational Demo from FPL

Last week, FPL showed us a really cool demo of their current substation rover program. One of our collaborators drove around the rover at the substation from his home and showed us the live camera feed. Additionally, the operator was… Read More

Paving a Foundation for Brainstorming

This week, the team has been focused on determining the core features of the system. From this foundational work, we have broken down each feature into sub-features, thus making it a lot easier to start designing our system. On the… Read More