Now Starring . . . THOR!

From the green (uhhh blue?) screen to the theaters of the Reitz Union, our THOR is going to be a star! This week, Hadrien and Katie have been working hard in the IPPD studio capturing clips of our project while Ali and TJ are adding in their ~movie magic~ to make it all come together. As part of the Final Design Review package, we have to create a 1-3 minute video showcasing all of our hard work this semester. Our plan is to show how THOR will be used out in the field when there is a outage because of a storm. We are learning that it is challenging to showcase such a large project in a cohesive way, while keeping things exciting. We got some great feedback from other IPPD teams during last week’s class and we are looking forward to showing off the final cut!

P.S. If you’re wondering what Alex and Logan are up to.. don’t worry we didn’t let them off easy. They are creating a killer poster to showcase at the final FDR event!

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