Blog Post #5

A preliminary product architecture for the MATR device. On the left is a draft of a possible housing for the sensor package and on the right is a diagram of the device architecture including interactions.

The MATR team is zooming in closer and closer to a solid concept for the design of the tracker. After discussing the information we received from turtle research experts, and considering all of the concepts we were able to brainstorm, our best option is a single-package device meant to be attached to the carapace (shell) of adult hard-shell turtles. The device will contain a GPS tracker and multiple sensors connected to a microcontroller for processing. We aim to collect data on multiple environmental variables, one of the most important being the water quality surrounding the turtles. The researches we spoke to expressed interest in data on water quality and pollution detection, which we plan to measure by collecting data on the chemical contents of the water (salinity, nitrates, pH), along with clarity and temperature.

In other updates, the ‘Meet This Team’ page of our blog has been updated! Check it out to learn more about the members of team MATR.

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