FDR Final Presentation

Our final presentation video consists of two different demos. One of the demos includes the obstacle avoidance demo and the other one is the dancing robot. Our team received very good feedback and is grateful for the semester

Prototype Presentation Day

We completed our obstacle avoidance demo and will present it to the judges this week on prototype presentation day. This demo utilizes our tachometer, motor, and sensor drivers to provide the robot with instructions to bump into an object and… Read More

TexBot gets a text-to-speech chip!

This week we created a demo using the Emic2 TTS (text-to-speech) chip. We were able to integrate the chip into our already existing obstacle avoidance demo. This enabled our robot to speak and say the action it is performing while… Read More

Working on the Demo

This week we are working on the demo for the last presentation of the semester. Last week we designed and ordered our second PCB iteration and made minor changes to the design by adding LEDs to make up for the… Read More


The team met with a group of judges to revise our timeline and make sure we are staying on track. We got great feedback and we are planning to implement their recommendations in our future presentations 🙂

PCB Ordered!

Over the past few weeks, our team designed the first iteration of the prototype PCB that will connect the TI-RSLK with the DSP Board. We sent the design to a PCB supplier to be printed and we received it, soldered,… Read More

Prototype Week!

This week the team focused on presenting the Preliminary Design Review presentation to expert judges and fellow classmates. The team was able to give a demonstration of our working prototype design. As of now, the wires are wrapped around the… Read More

PDR Week!

We finished the Preliminary Design Review Report and finished and presented the Preliminary Design Review Presentation to our sponsor and IPPD class. We designed a prototype layout for our PCB and printed it out to demonstrate where the pin mappings… Read More

Presentation Week!

This week we are finishing up the report and delivering our IPPD Product Design and Specifications presentation. While we met with our coach this week, we came up with new strategies for implementing the target board to our robot chassis… Read More