Month: March 2021

Final Demo Approved!

After a meeting with the Texas Instruments liaison we have reached a final agreement on how the final demo will look like. The final demo will include 3 different demonstrations of the robot. The first one will be the obstacle… Read More

Prototype Presentation Day

We completed our obstacle avoidance demo and will present it to the judges this week on prototype presentation day. This demo utilizes our tachometer, motor, and sensor drivers to provide the robot with instructions to bump into an object and… Read More

TexBot gets a text-to-speech chip!

This week we created a demo using the Emic2 TTS (text-to-speech) chip. We were able to integrate the chip into our already existing obstacle avoidance demo. This enabled our robot to speak and say the action it is performing while… Read More

FFT works!

In the past weeks the team has been working on the capability to control the start and stop of the robot program using sound. For this, it was important that the microphone recognizes only the user’s voice rather than the… Read More